Why Do You Shell?



So, why do you enjoy shelling?

Does it relax you? Do you do it because it’s fun? Do you feel adrenaline when you finally find that one shell you’ve been looking for? Is it the thrill of the hunt?

All of the above?

photo 4wm

For us, yes.

I don’t think there is anything better than a day at the beach after a long, exhausting work week.


I always get excited when I strap on my snorkel mask. Whether we find anything or not, to me it’s not about the kill, but the hunt. In hunting, you can scout and track your game, but you really never know what the woods are gonna give up on any given day. The sea is the same way. Whether you’re out looking for dove, rabbit, deer, mushrooms – or seashells – for us it’s a thrill to scout, track and hopefully bag the game.


Sometimes, you come home with just enough for a meal.


Other times, you come home with enough to feed you through the winter.


Regardless, we enjoy being outside. I personally enjoy the rush of the unknown.

“What will I find today?”


Luckily, we’ve been able to learn about scouting and tracking from a local friend, and our hunts have been more successful as of late. But as I’ve mentioned many times, whether I find anything or not, I do not care. I just love being out there.


We shell because we love the peace and tranquility we find in the water. We love being at the beach and we love finding seashells.

We got a lotta love, I think. 😉


So, why do you shell?


10 thoughts on “Why Do You Shell?

  1. I shell because the beach connects me with God and I praise him and sing hymns or just praise as I walk along and ask Him to open my eyes and look for a gift. If I find something amazing I feel He is telling me he hears my voice!

  2. I have always liked to shell from time I was young living in southern Calif, then Kauai and now sw Florida. I love the beach, ocean, breeze (hopefully) and watching all the wildlife and fish. But I also like the “hunt” and I love to find the unusual or rare but am always grateful for being able to just be there. I like genealogy which in a different format is about the “hunt”…(relatives)….LOL

  3. It’s the same thing as geocaching – the thrill of the hunt. I like the beauty and peace of being out there, hanging with my family and friends. The smell of the salt water, the sand between my toes, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore – it’s all a gift from God and I feel His presence there so much. It’s the whole ball of wax my friend.

    Less than a week to go!!! 🙂

  4. You hit the nail on the head King!! All of the above!! I have said many times that God and I have had some great conversations out there walking along those beaches!! Wonderful post!!

    I hope to be back down there to “God’s Country” on the 16th of August! I will just miss Kim! 😦

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