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As it’s well known here at SK dot com, the Queen and I snorkel. We are often asked about our snorkeling and snorkeling gear. Where do you snorkel? What do you use? How do you keep your mask from fogging up? Find anything good? So let me take a few minutes and answer the four questions we’re asked most often.


Q: So where do you snorkel?

A: There really are a number of beautiful places to snorkel here in Florida. We’ve snorkeled Sanibel Island, Little Hickory, the Florida Keys, Indian Rocks Beach, South Beach in Miami, Siesta Key and many others. Unfortunately, over the last year or so, the snorkeling on Sanibel has been hit or miss, thanks to the Okeechobee water releases (and it appears it’s going to continue this summer as well).


We’ve also been fortunate enough to snorkel  many places in the Caribbean – The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, The Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Cozumel and a few others.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Both the Queen and I own Cressi masks and snorkels. We don’t use fins unless we’re on a snorkel charter (which many times are required by the charters). We’ve used other brands, but Cressi is the best fit for us. Mine is black. The Queen’s mask is pink because she is a girl.



If you’re unsure if a mask is right for you, it’s best to find a dive shop near you and they can fit you with a mask. Remember, the strap should rest on the crown of the back of your head, not straight back behind your ears. The strap doesn’t need to be tight, because if you find the right mask, the seal will keep it on your face.


To find the right snorkel, the same rule applies – Check out a dive shop. The mouthpiece should feel comfortable in your mouth and you should be able to fit your thumb through the breather hole. The snorkel should clip easily to the side of your mask without pulling it away from your face.

If your snorkel tip gets below the water, blow strongly through the snorkel when you reach the surface. This will clear your snorkel of any water.


Q: How do you keep your mask from fogging up?

A: Some will say your own spit. Some will say anti-fogging spray (which can be expensive at times). We have a small spray bottle. One or two drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and the rest water. Shake that up and spray it on your mask before you hit the water. If you have a good seal and don’t accidentally breathe through your nose, you should be able to keep that mask clean and clear the whole time.


Unfortunately, I tend to accidentally breathe through my nose sometimes. Other times, I go a few days without shaving and if you’re a guy, that will prevent your mask from keeping a good seal (If you’re rockin the ‘stache, try Vaseline on your upper lip, fellas). When I shave and don’t breathe through my nose, it stays sealed. If you get water in there, surface, pull your mask open, rinse it out and reseal.


Another thing we do after snorkeling? Wash our masks. We use a sponge with dish soap and gently clean the entire mask. This washes away any sand and salt water. Dry with a paper towel and place back into the plastic container your snorkel should come in.

Q: Do you find anything good?


A: Peek around our site. You might find a goody or two.



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