Man, I love the beach!

It’s been a while since I had the time to just sit down and blog about shelling. Now’s a good a time as any.

Since we came back home from the Blueberry Festival, we’ve had a chance to do some serious shelling and sun tanning.


We met up with the Shellinator and his girl Val the week before last and had a grand ol’ time diving on Sanibel.


Filled up the shell bucket with some fantastic keepers. The Queen fell in love with the Shellinator’s little ones, who were doing their own shellinating and teaching the Queen how to find Wentletraps. Look out, Sanibel Island. Once these two are old enough to know better, the island will be shelled out!




 So I decided to go out the following day with my brother and his wife, who came to town for a week looking for a little R&R. I think they found it. Both were celebrating birthdays this past week. What a great gift to give each other – a trip down South to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

My bro was a little reluctant to get out into the deeper water with me. It didn’t help that I was razzing him (you know, like brothers do) about looking over his shoulder for giant sharks. Once you get somebody riled up, the only thing to do is pile it on…which I did. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not. 😉


Once we got into the water though, I let him off the hook and we shelled for a good hour and a half, pulling up some real keepers. For someone who had never dove for shells before, he did a great job, pulling in his share of Alphies, Sharks Eyes, Lace Murexes and Lightning Whelks. He was having a ball, saying things like, “This is awesome! I could see myself doing this all the time.”

I didn’t do too bad either, finding this beast of an Alphabet Cone.


Holy smokes! I know it’s not in pristine condition, but it’s the biggest one I’ve ever found.


 Cleaned up real nice too.


 The one on the right is just a normal sized Alphie. You can see that the one on the left is an absolute monster!


 No, I didn’t find another J. That’s one from the collection. I just put them side by side so you can see just how large that monster Alphie is. He measured right at 3.5 inches.


We took them out for a little Thursday Thunder, which was a lot of fun. It was good to catch up with him and his wife. Seeing them happy made the Queen and me happy.


Whether or not we found a bucket full or keepers or not, it was enjoyable watching them enjoy our beautiful beaches.

 We are truly blessed to live in this paradise.


We decided to take a day off  from work this past Friday and spend the better part of the day diving over at Little Hickory, where the cool water was crystal clear. My brother and I even got to swim with a manatee, which came within about 2 feet of us. What an amazing experience and something to remember for a long, long time.



12 thoughts on “Man, I love the beach!

  1. Awesome! You and the Shellinator have really been hitting the jackpot!! You guys are so lucky to live there in paradise!! We finally found us a place an bought in Ft Myers but have to stay in VA due to obligations….at least we can escape to paradise from time to time! I need to get some pointers from you guys…though deep water freaks me out! Don’t ever take your paradise for granted….and keep us posted!! Thanks so much for your awesome pictures and adventures!! ~Shelllady

    • Cheri, we realize every day that we are blessed to live in such a wonderful place! I wouldn’t be too worried about the deep water. It’s good to have a healthy respect for what’s in there, but anytime we have encountered something, it flees from us quicker than we could flee from it. haha It’s still a little scary at times, but the exhilaration of finding great keepers trumps fear every time….at least for me!

  2. Wow- that’s the biggest alphie I’ve ever seen. Do you use fins when you dive down? I’m short and I barely weight 100 lbs, so I have a hard time diving down and staying down. Moira and I were just talking about this and I said maybe I need to bring fins to help me move faster and get down deeper.

    • No, no fins. For one they’re big and bulky. Two, they make ya look like a seal. Sharks eat seals and I’m not ready to be a meal yet! Haha Plus, I don’t go deep enough to require fins. Maybe 12 feet deep, tops.

  3. Oh, how I love seeing those beautiful shells! I’m visiting from Kim’s today and loving your blog. I live in Florida and I’m closer to the Atlantic so we spend a lot of time on Canaveral National Seashore….and I’m a shell seeker! I walk and walk…the whole time I’m there…picking up seashells! (my favorite is the Calico Scallop) Enjoy your week! Diane

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to shell sometime in your neck of the woods. We had a trip planned for Canaveral/Cocoa last year but couldn’t make it. We wanna get there this year for sure.

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