A Really Fun Weekend

With the sun shining, no rain in sight and highs in the mid-80’s, you’d have been cray cray to stay stay indoors this weekend. The Queen and I planned out our weekend excursions on Thursday night and couldn’t wait to get out in the sun.


We started off Saturday with a nice relaxing brefix and headed off to the Lee County Fair. You’da thunk that we were all faired out due to the weekend before last’s trip to Tampa for the State Fair. But you’da been incorrect. Who has two thumbs and loves festival food? This guy right here. I’m not one to turn down a chance to eat fried dough and meat on a stick twice in one month.

IMG_3031wmThe look on my face says, “Woman, I smell dough and I smell meat. I see sticks. Stop making me pose for photos. Let’s….GO.”



It wasn’t as big as the State Fair, of course. But was still fun, none the less.



A lot of the same food  and game stands too, just on a smaller scale. But the Carnies were slingin’ the same jokes. One even called me Baldy-locks. I laughed.


and we both got meat on a stick! Queenie got a corndog.


and I went with a literal piece of bacon on a stick. Not too bad.

Sunday was a double-header, as we decided to hit Lighthouse Beach in the morning and the 39th Annual Greek Fest in the afternoon.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The water was cool. The sun was hot.





A view that never gets old.


Not too many shells, but that really wasn’t our focus. We needed some beach time and we took it. The sun wiped us out, but it was worth it. I will never take the beach for granted.


Back home for a quick shower and change of clothes and OPA!

We were looking forward to Greek Fest. We’d never been to one, even though it’s literally right around the corner from our house.

IMG_3053wm copy

It’s $5 to get in and there are plenty of things to do and ride if you’ve got kids.


We don’t have any little ones, so that left two options – food and drink.


Can’t say there was much shopping; just one really large tent with jewelry, paintings and other things. Interesting things, though.


But there is entertainment, like these cute little Greek girls dancing.


So that left my favorite –  Yep, you guessed it….food.


We picked up a Gyro (for me) and two Souvlaki kabobs (for the Queen…and me). More meat on a stick. It’s never enough, I tell ya.


and washed it all down with some Loukoumades. Good lawd.


…and the year of fun continues!


2 thoughts on “A Really Fun Weekend

  1. Looks like so much fun. We’re still buried under over 75″ of snow up here I need some sun!!!

    Are you going to the Sanibel Shell Show?

    • We’ve been very lucky that the polar vortex has missed us. I feel your pain
      No shell show for us this year. We went last year and weren’t very impressed. Instead, we’re going to hit the Shrimp Festival nearby and spend the next day digging for shells at a secret spot 🙂

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