Fourteen Florida Fun and Festival Tour – February 2014


I have a few memories of going to the fair as a child. Not really vivid ones, though.  I wasn’t one to visit our local fair as a teen. We both come from a small town. So when you mix small town mentality with a small fair, you get a lot of large personalities. The kind of personalities that wear airbrushed t-shirts that read, “I’m only sexy on days that end in Y” or “I’m the only hell my momma ever raised”.


I do remember going to King’s Island in Cincinnati when I was very young (under 10 years old) and a few other places. Two things have always stuck in my mind when I think about fairs and theme parks -1. the smell of the food and 2. all the vibrant sounds and colors. I know, you figure a child would remember the rides first and foremost, right? Not me. I remember the food….and shockingly, no I wasn’t a fat child.


I have never been much of a ride rider anyhow. The Queen, yeah, she has no fear or worry about rides at theme parks. She’ll get on a roller coaster in a heartbeat. Me, not so much. Local fairs? Both of us are like, “Uh Uh”.


I don’t know, we think about how quickly some of these rides go up and we often wonder if you know, maybe on the way to the next town some really important bolt fell off the back of the turnip truck.


So, when the Florida State Fair came up on our list for this months tour, we both looked forward to it…with the memories of our local county fair in the backs of our minds.  But we were pleasantly surprised. It was awesome, actually.


Immediately, I smelled food. I intentionally didn’t eat breakfast so I would have more room to gorge myself on fried dough and meat on a stick, so it was sensory overload as soon as we walked through the gate ($13 a piece to get in by the way). I kept thinking, “Yeah, I wanna eat that”, then immediately, “No, I want to eat THAT.” This went on for about a half hour. I didn’t know what I wanted to eat, but I knew I wanted to eat it all.

IMG_2926wmIMG_2928wmIMG_2942wm IMG_2946wm IMG_2967wmIMG_2962wmIMG_2961wm

I mean, seriously how can you choose when you have a selection ranging from chicken on a stick to deep fried KoolAid? For real, you can buy that. You can buy a deep fried Pop Tart too.




So we settled on Fried Cheese Curds, Corn Dogs and Saratoga Chips. See my face? Yeah, that look was on my face all day.



Amish Doughnuts


Chicken on a stick…again


and candy….That’s a legit response. I didn’t pose for that shot.

The events booths were pretty daggone cool as well. The Queen had a wonderful time interacting with the animals.







The piglets were adorable. We told each other how cool it would be to have one of these little guys as a pet. Then we reminded each other how much we love bacon. So we moved on and got Queenie a stuffed piglet instead. It was one of those guessing games. We chose “How long have you been a couple?” The girl guessed five years. She was way off.



We didn’t play any games since you know, they’re all rigged. But it was fun to hear the barkers harass me as I walked by. “Hey buddy! Why don’t you spend some of that money you’ve been saving on shampoo?” That was funny the first six times I heard it. Fun, none the less. 


I think as we get older and things change in life, we often neglect the need to feel young again. The Queen and I are not old by any means, but I can promise you that as we grow older, we will NOT forget to have fun.


We laughed all day. We joked all day. We had a really good time. WE HAD FUN.


A two hour drive, four plus hours of food and fun and we capped it all off with a stop at Yoder’s in Sarasota for some goodies.


And we didn’t even have to use our AK. I gotta say, it was a good day.



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