I’ve missed you, Thunder….


It was good to get back to the beach last night and do a Thursday Thunder. For new friends who aren’t familiar with Thursday Thunder (and welcome, new friends), it’s a welcome break-up to the work week. Thursday night at the beach for an hour or two and the next day is Friday! Woo hoo!


Long time since we’d done a Thunder…..since September. Almost as much time as it has been since we’d visited Blind Pass. 


Arriving on Blind Pass, we noticed such a drastic change. Now, I have been trying my best to keep up with my shelling friends’ finds and beach visits as of late, but we’ve been very busy. So I’ve been unable to really “see” what’s been happening lately, if you know what I mean. So arriving there after the beach re-nourishment project left our jaws dropped a bit. Wow, what a change!


And you know when I’m wandering on the beach, the old mind starts thinking and thinking…and so I got to thinking (haha) about change and circumstance.


Change is necessary. It’s meaningful. It’s often painful. Much of that pain is oftentimes due to our circumstance. So many times when things aren’t going well in our lives, we immediately look to changing our circumstances on our own….and even more often, with dangerous and catastrophic results.


Sometimes our circumstance changes without our consent. Maybe someone passed away. Maybe someone lost a job. Maybe your car broke down or you came up short of cash for some reason.


But sometimes without even trying, positive change in circumstance takes place when we take our hands off the situation and just wait.


Just like Blind Pass now. I remember the last time we went there. We were kinda looking at each other saying, “Ugh, this place used to be so beautiful. What happened?”

Now, such change…


and we didn’t do a thing to the place. We just walked away for a bit, came back after a short while and boom – change.

I guess what I’m saying is this: Sometimes God places things in our lives to shake us up from the mundane and to test our faith and mettle. Otherwise, we become stagnant. This is sometimes referred to as “being in a rut”. haha


So instead of using your own two hands to try and change them, take a break. Walk away. Clear your mind. Put those two hands together, make them form a cup and give your circumstance to the Most High.


Put the change of your circumstance in his hands.


When you come back, you might find that things have changed a bit.



10 thoughts on “I’ve missed you, Thunder….

  1. Well said King…. I’m embracing some changes in my life at the moment… good to see you on the beach again and read your thoughts. Peace 🙂

  2. HI from Toronto Canada!
    Shell King, my hubby and I love your posts and photos – especially the ones about doughnuts!
    But this one, even though it was doughnut free, really struck a chord with us. Thank you for a lovely post full of insight!
    Hugs from Canada!
    : )

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