New Year, New Vision


Happy New Year, friends. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed a safe roll-in of 2014. We certainly did, as we took a little trip out into the Caribbean and visited a few islands. Over the next few months, we’ll give you the low down on some of the spots we visited and what to expect if you choose to visit them yourself.


It’s amazing what kind of transformation takes place within your mind and soul when you take a vacation, completely disconnect and truly relax. For us, it really gives us a chance to appreciate not only all we have been blessed with, but what the Almighty has created across this world.


So, for us with a new year comes new vision….and a new set of adventures!

Starting this month – ย along with our shelling finds each week, of course – we’re introducing the ‘Fourteen Florida Fun and Festival Tour. Each month this year, the Queen and I will be visiting at least one festival/event and we’ll come back here are tell you all about it. I’m not saying that we’re calling 2014 “The Year of Fun”, but fun will most definitely be a part of this year.


So we challenge you to figure out a few things in 2014. What’s your purpose and vision, where do you want to be at the end of the year and most importantly, WHO do you want to be at the end of the year?

That’s entirely up to you.


Enjoy the new year, friends. Here’s to a truly happy and fruitful 2014!



9 thoughts on “New Year, New Vision

  1. Those blue colors are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to reading about your tours and praying for enough snow here to finance a Sanibel trip in August. Happy New Year!!

  2. Love your blog! When you choose your fun event can you share it before you go? Just in case some of your readers would like to attend. Happy New Year!

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