Weekend R and R

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.


I look forward to the weekend. Normally starting when I wake up on Monday. Which is why every time we get a chance to hit the beach, we do it. Sometimes we shell, other times, we sit with a cold drink, listen to the radio and soak up the rays. We needed some R&R this weekend and seized the opportunity with both hands.


We visited a spot this past weekend that will remain a secret. Not because we don’t want to share, but because well, sometimes, you just need to have a spot that belongs just to you.


Shelling was successful, although shelling wasn’t our primary goal. We were just going to enjoy our weekend and each other, simply because. Finding this Sand Dollar in the surf helped bring a nice smile to Queenie’s face.


The Alphabet Cones rolled in with a bunch of Nutmegs, Coral, Gaudy Nauticas and Murexes, as you can see in the Queen’s shell bucket below.


The water was chilly; a very cool 81 degrees as we welcome in October. I’m not really looking forward to wetsuit season, but I am looking forward to those winter low tides and great shelling.


…and dolphin sightings.




Sunday rolled around and we got up when we wanted to. No rush, no hustle and no worries. I cooked some breakfast and since there were no really exciting football games on TV (haha), we made our way down to Fort Myers Beach for the annual Pollo Tropical Pirate Festival.


Nothing quite like the smell of fried dough, patchouli, cigarette butts and B.O. (I’m kidding of course….or am I?)

All joking aside, the Queen has a thing for Pirates – mainly Jack Sparrow, and she was itching to see the festival.


I gotta say, there are some really convincing (and a few unconvincing) pirates down there. Word has it that over 2500 of the scallywags showed up this weekend.  Lots of booths with trinkets, food and pirate wares on sale.


and a scurvy bilge rat band or two.


Along with a pirate battle in the Matanzas Bay, complete with booming cannons and gunfire and nearly made us go deaf.



and Jack Sparrow showed up, which made the Queen happy. She’s always talked about wanting to be a pirate. Poor thing. We’ve been together going on 17 years now and she wouldn’t last a day as a pirate. The first time she’d sass the Captain, she’d be walking the plank.

We also decided to play local tourists and visited the pier at Fort Myers Beach.


As crazy as it is, we realized that it had been over a year since we’d actually set foot on Fort Myers Beach. Wow. The Lani Kai was bumping. Odds are, someone was probably flashing something.


Brought back some ol tourist memories that got us a little misty eyed. Nah, it was probably just sweat from the heat.


Can you tell from the pic below who actually was enjoying the Pirate Festival instead of football on TV?


I’m actually laughing out loud right now writing that. But I am glad the Queen had a good time and enjoyed her festival. It woulda been nice to see a booth with unclassified meat on a stick for sale, but we settled for sno-cones instead. All in all, some much needed R&R on a lazy weekend.


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