Happy One Year Anniversary, TheShellKing.com!

SK Brand 6

This weekend we celebrate one year here at TheShellKing.com.

It’s been a very eventful and fun year for the Queen and me. One year ago, we started The Shell King blog and switched over to a dot com a couple months later. We appreciate you all coming along for the ride. In celebration of our one-year anniversary, we are proud to present our new Brand logo, which you’ll begin to see as our new watermark at the bottom right of all of our photos.

Geesh, where do I start? I don’t want to bore you with a life story segment here, so I’ll quickly recap.

It’s all the Queen, ok?

SQ Brand 3

She’s been the real sheller here (for years) and I’ve only been along for the ride. TS Debby hit us in June, 2012 and I had lots of fun scooping up shells for Queenie. Β Isaac did the same not long after. I caught the bug, what can I say?


So, I guess here’s where it starts. This little guy right here. I found it in August on Blind Pass, while snorkeling on the Captiva side. I was literally in about two feet of water, right at the shore line. I don’t think I was in the water more than a minute before I found it in one of the sand grooves.

I had blogged before about other random things in the past, so blogging wasn’t new to me. So I started a shelling blog on one of those cheap sites and it wasn’t cutting it. At the office, I spoke in passing about our shelling trips and boy did that unleash a can of worms. If you know how blue collar office environments are, you’ll understand. Before I knew it,Β the boys at work were calling me Shell King and the light bulb went off. So I give them credit for giving me the name. Because I’ve certainly seen some real hardcore shell collectors and I am in no way any kind of King, let alone a Shell King.

I found another juvenile Junonia a month later during the much spoken about “shell carpet” weekend, and a third one on Queenie’s birthday on the Sanibel side of the jetty at Blind Pass – that really set it in stone for us.


So these are our humble beginnings. As I’ve mentioned before, we shell, travel and blog for fun and it will stay that way, unless A&E approaches us about doing a show. heh heh.

We’ve also met some great people this past year, both shelling friends (The Essential Beachcomber, Donnie The Shellinator and Mike G The Shellebrity to name three) and shelling fans – and we look forward to meeting more. We have been very blessed.

So, how about some pics of The Greatest Hits over the last year?


photo 5



sq horseconchWM


3-28 2wm

sq flatWM





3-28 10wm





1-13 4wm


It’s been a fun year and we certainly expect more fun. We have four more stops on the Florida Beaches Royalty Tour this year and they all look to be filled with excitement. We have some ideas coming for the site and hopefully those pan out as well.

So thank you for joining us for this exciting a very entertaining ride. Hopefully soon, we get to meet each and every one of you at the beach. See you there! πŸ™‚



14 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary, TheShellKing.com!

  1. Congrats on a great and BLESSED first year!! I look forward to meeting you and Queenie on the beach sometime very soon.

  2. Well, you certainly have many jewels to adorn your king’s and queen’s crowns, not to mention 3 Junonia shells. Happy Anniversary!!! I look forward to many more years of living vicariously through you and your queen.

  3. Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your beach adventures…..it allows us to feel “beachy” when we are no where near it! Looking forward to another great year of reading your blogs! Martha πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for your your blog, I have enjoyed it from the very 1st one. Even though I live 5 minutes from Honeymoon Island State Park, work and other responsibilities keep me away. Bonnie was great for me as well, I found a junonia. I didnt know yall had met my sister Karen of EBC. We all grew up in or near the water and it is def in our blood. Thanks for the beautiful pics, I very much enjoy them. Hopefully EBC will find a spare moment to get to the beach soon, Im sure we all miss her blogs. God Bless you and your queen.

  5. Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for taking us along for the ride. I hope to meet up with you on a future trip. Maybe you can rub some of your shelling expertise off on me.

  6. I am sooo glad to have found your blog. I eagerly await your new posts so I can gawk at the pictures and imagine myself there! Happy Anniversary!!

  7. shark teeth?! are you kidding me? I am sea green with envy! happy 1 year and awesome photos – makes me want to take a trip to the shore soon πŸ™‚ never come back without a few new treasures to add to the collection and I know y’all know what I’m talking about πŸ™‚

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