Back 2 tha Beach


Anyone who has visited our lovely island knows this view. There’s nothing quite like it. Even though I live here, it still brings the same feeling each and every time – “I’m on my way to the beach!”

It’s a view and feeling that will never get old.


We really weren’t too concerned with shell searching this weekend. It had been a solid week since we’d been able to set foot on a beach due to work and the weather, so it was good enough for us to simply get our feet on some sand. If we found shells, good. If we didn’t, oh well.

The water is still murky out at Blind Pass (and its landscape has changed once again).  No chance of snorkeling. I don’t expect that to change for another couple of months. But I didn’t care. It was warm and inviting and I got right in….only up to my waist, though.

I know we’ve talked about shahks in the watah lately, and it did weight on my mind. Remember though, if you see a shark in the water you don’t have to be fast. You only have to be faster than the person next to you.


The Queen and I made our way North along the Captiva side; she along the wrack line and I in the water with the scoop and feeling along with my feet. Nothing to be found but a few keeper minis and mounds upon mounds of shell hash.


But, what we did find was pretty cool, like the piece of Junonia the Queen found and almost-flat Keyhole Limpet I stumbled upon. For some reason, there was a considerable amount of Coral washing ashore too. Most of it was old and broken, but we did manage to snag a few nice chunks.

After that, we just soaked up the sun and enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach – leaving us smiling and happy happy happy.


We will not have a Thunder update this Friday morning due to our awesome four-day-weekend/August installment of the Florida Beaches Royalty Tour, which happens to be a GREAT stop and one we’ve been looking forward to all year.

Full report coming a week from today!


2 thoughts on “Back 2 tha Beach

  1. Pretty finds. And, I’m loving that bright and fun bathing suit. Great colors!! Can’t wait for Key West pics. Have FUN!!!! Happy Shelling!!

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