Thunderless on Sanibust Island



With anticipation of a 0.3 low tide occurring at 4:06pm yesterday, we had high hopes for Thursday Thunder. I was sitting at my desk at work at around 2:59pm, and suddenly the walls started closing in around me. Time stopped as if Professor Charles Xavier himself had rolled into my office. He’d have an easy time breaking into my mind to see what I was thinking….

I needed to get the heck out of there and into some board shorts. Stat.

So the Queen and I discussed this nasty event we’re having down here in Southwest Florida. We are hoping that this event is not turning into a trend, but unfortunately, it looks like it is.


So just a quick rundown of what’s happening here….I mention it because as the Queen and I were walking along Blind Pass last night, we over heard a woman telling a couple of people that the waters were dark because of so many mangrove trees.

Sorry, that’s not the case, darling.

Due to the massive amounts of rain, Lake Okeechobee is basically overflowing. Because of this, the Army Corps of Engineers has to drain it. Unfortunately, the water goes into the rivers and canals. Primarily, the Caloosahatchee River and Waterway. The Caloosahatchee happens to drain into the Everglades AND run through our area here…and dumps into the Gulf of Mexico, which causes all the stuff it’s filled with from freshwater areas to mix with our saltwater area and cause what you see in the picture above.

So basically, the more rain we get, the more the lake needs to drain…and the more of this stuff we’re going to get. Unfortunately that also means red tide could be coming.



I am hoping this does not ruin the remaining summer months here but the future looks dark. Just like our waters, currently.


There wasn’t anything to be found at Blind Pass either. Just shell mash.


We stopped off at Tarpon Bay Beach to find more of the same. We did happen to pick up a handful of minis and watch the droves of Coquinas roll in…


Sad and broken, we dragged ourselves back to the Shellmobile and decided to drown our sorrows in Cherry Coke and Root Beer.


But hey, at least we saw a double rainbow, bro.

We may give it another shot tonight. Low tides are BP, Lighthouse and Little Hickory are at 4:54, 5:51 and 6:17pm.


7 thoughts on “Thunderless on Sanibust Island

  1. Wow. Sorry your night was such a bust. I really hope the rest of the summer isn’t ruined! Have some friends coming in from NY over the next couple weekends and would hate not to be able to enjoy the beaches with them. :-/

    • Yep, it’s such a drag. I wouldn’t even know which to recommend, since we’re seeing it all the way from Barefoot Beach on up past Sanibel/Captiva. Not sure what the beaches up near Manasota Key look like. Karen from The Essential Beachcomber may have more info on what her local beaches look like, but I would imagine they are the same. 😦 The water is warm and safe to swim in, but who knows how long before that changes.

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