Some real Thunder at Little Hickory


It was a tough decision last night – Blind Pass or Little Hickory.  Well, we hit Lighthouse and picked up some goodies on Wednesday night, so we figured two days in a row on Sanibel would be overkill.

I know , my Northerner friends – “What does he mean two days in a row on beautiful Sanibel Island would be overkill?

When you see me, you have my permission to slap me.

We were leaning heavily towards Blind Pass, but we decided – Little Hickory, here we come.


It was a little overcast when we left the house, but when we arrived it was sunny and very windy. I know the picture doesn’t capture it, but the water was very rough.


and like I said, so windy that the kite surfers were out.



I made a handful of scoop attempts with my new scoop – “Scoopy Two”, got hammered by incoming waves and got soaked. There was also a lot of red algae (not red tide algae) in the water and it clogged up my scoop. So I decided to hit the wrack line with the Queen.


Like Wednesday night, we noticed both tea colored water and a ton of seagrass. There was not a tremendous amount of sweets and goodies in the wrack, but we did continue to find plenty of coral and worm shells, like this huuuuuuuuuuuuge Caroline HUGE Worm Shell that Queenie found.


As we made our way further up the shore line towards the jetty, we saw some shell piles in the distance. Hmmm wonder what was in there?

How ’bout TONS of keepers bro!


I started using my scoop to pull back the piles while Queenie used her tiny shovel to dig deeper. There were several days of buried shells in the piles and we just continued to uncover goodies the more we dug. We left a shell wake along the shore that was quite laughable.


The Queen found this fresh Lightning Whelk operculum.


and this Flat Scallop.


This really sweet Orange True Tulip and Apple Whelks out the wazoo, along with a boatload of Channeled Whelks.


Look at the size of that thing!


For comparison, the one in the front is the one we found during the famous “Shell Carpet” night back in September of last year. The one in the back, found last night.


This sweet Lace Murex.


…a crazy colorful Nutmeg and I believe either a worn Turret Snail or a beaten Auger. Can’t tell. As soon as we started raking through the piles, apparently some folks were looking down from the hotels above and we were joined by a couple who kept their distance, but were keeping a watchful eye as to how were were shell seeking. We eventually got tired from raking and digging and made our way back to the car, talking about what a good decision it was to hit Little Hickory. .

…and just when we thought our night couldn’t get any better, we ran into none other than the Shellebrity himself, our Facebook buddy and fellow South Florida/Sanibel sheller Mike G.


Waddup Mike? We chatted for a few moments about what was in the shell piles, showed him what was in the Queen’s shell bucket and snapped a pic. All we needed was Donnie the Shellinator and the four of us would have shut that beach dooooooown. I can picture the four of us, laughing uncontrollably at other beachgoers – “NO SHELLS FOR YOU!”

By the way, Mike makes some pretty cool and affordable shell bracelets. So hit him up on Facebook (you can find him through our Facebook page) and place an order!

So we hit the beach not finding much and it quickly turned into a gold mine. Which goes to show, don’t give up if you’re out there and you don’t find any shells. They’re always somewhere, sometimes you just gotta “dig” for em.




Not a bad night?



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