Family and Fun at Blind Pass

photo 1wm

It always amazes me how often the beaches change here on Sanibel. Although we don’t have traditional season changes like the North does, our beaches seem to. We stopped off at Blind Pass yesterday and brought along the King Brother and his family.

photo 8wmpsd

But the Queen and I were shocked to see the beach looking so eroded. Take a look at the massive changes we’ve seen out there.

Here’s Blind Pass Captiva on October 26, 2012:


..and December 20, 2012:


March 7, 2013:


June 7, 2013:


Amazing. I don’t have a yard stick, but it looks like we’ve lost over 75 feet of beach in nine months.

The shelling was lackluster, too. The water, murky and tea colored.

photo 2wm

But the Queen and I did see some shells washing up in the dirty water, so I grabbed my trusty scoop and….

photo 5wm

Sucker bent like a wet toothpick. 😦

Looks like I’m gonna have to hit Ace Hardware this week and pick up another one. Silly me, I thought I’d use the scoop end and continue looking for shells. I guess I forgot about the jagged metal end:

photo 6wm

In my defense, I’ve never claimed to be an exceptionally smart man.

photo 4wm

The Queen and I picked up and couple of new Cressi snorkel masks, and I was anxious to use mine. But it’s kinda hard to see anything when you’re snorkeling in Iced Tea. So I gave up. My brother and nephews and I spent the rest of the time hanging out in the water and just enjoying family time.

photo 3wm

We kept an eye out for our friend MikeG, but looks like we just missed each other. Next time, Mike!

But we did end up with a small bucket of goodies to take home and the boys enjoyed swimming and doing some shelling of their own.



Sorry for the blurriness again…..I was in a hurry and only had time to snap two pics. 😉



2 thoughts on “Family and Fun at Blind Pass

  1. I haven’t been shelling in a couple of weeks and I’m having withdrawals. Thanks for sharing the pics of the shells you found. As always, they are beautiful.

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