A Hodge Podge Weekend

A whole lot went down this weekend – from a lackluster Thursday Thunder and a successful shell/snorkel at Little Hickory to some mangoes in Cape Coral.


Blind Pass beach has eroded back again, leaving the jetty the way it was last summer and the shore with a nice sized drop-off.


Shelling was dismal and the water was pretty murky.


We tried the bridge and just found more of the same shell hash.




But Queenie had a visit from the Queen Mother and her little sister (The Redhead Princess), so it wasn’t a total loss. A visit to Maria’s on Friday night left us all happy with full bellies,


Saturday took us back out to Little Hickory. Yeah, I know we’ve been going out there a lot lately, but the shelling has been good for us. There was really nothing along the shore or anything washing up, so I spent about two hours snorkeling and came home with a lot of really great shells. Some nice Apple Murexes, Shark’s Eyes, Lightning Whelks, Juvenile Fighting Conchs, more Worm shells and a grip of Coral. I’ll get pics of our finds and get those up in a couple of days.

I was the only Yahoo in the water out there and made the Queen a little nervous…but I had my focals on and kept on my toes.


Sorry for the duck face, but I had to.


Sunday took us to Cape Coral for the Pine Island Tropical Fruit Fair, aka Mango Mania:


…where we picked up some Mango Habanero preserves from Paradise Gardens.

One word – YUM.


and like all festivals we attend, I sniffed out the food booths like a blood hound.


The Queen Mother and I stopped by a glass engraver’s booth and picked up a couple of glass steins to enjoy our grog.


I can relate to a couple of these signs.


and you know I can never miss a photo op – this time with the Calendar Girls of Florida.

Hopefully the rains will die down a little bit so we can get some more sunshine this week. Rain, rain go away!


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