A Day at Little Hickory Island Beach


The Queen and I took a little time to rest and relax over the last ten days or so and not worry about a single thing. The Royal Family headed back up North earlier in the week after a nice vacation with bags upon bags of shells. Glad they could come visit and enjoy what we’re blessed to enjoy every day.

Despite the rain, which has been (to me at least) a little more heavy than normal and has forced us inside to watch endless SVU and CSI:Miami marathons, we figured it was high time to hit a beach again…any beach. It took another few days for me to convince Queenie to head back to the 10 Spot, considering the last time she went (our first time going) it wasn’t a very good experience.



Fortunately, this time there was no stinky smell from dead Fighting Conchs…only wonderful salt air and sun screen. Talk about perfection! The water was clearer than normal and just cool enough to ease the beating of the sun.


…and the shells? There were shell piles as far as the eye could see. Goodies everywhere, and I mean that in the truest sense.


The Queen has been working on some great crafts lately and was looking specifically for Worm Shells. She wasn’t disappointed. They were everywhere, in every shape and size.


There were piles upon piles of Worms and Coral. I decided of course, to snorkel just a bit. But I stayed close and spent my time hovering over the little groove just past the shore line, where minis and little creatures tend to flock as the waves come in.


I took a break and went back to it. Over and over. We also found a couple of really great Lace Murexes, a handful of Shark’s Eyes and two Tinted Cantharuses.





I’d have to say we did pretty well. After a while, I just stopped picking up Worm Shells as there were just so many. I’d venture to say that Queenie has enough to complete her craft task.




Another beautiful day to cap off a four day weekend and another day to be thankful for God’s mercies.


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