Lemme get a “10” Spot, yo



So our friend The Essential Beachcomber has been encouraging us to hit a certain spot lately; a spot where there is a land flowing with Saltwater and Seashells. Well, I like Saltwater and the Queen likes Seashells. Queenie’s been battling a little bug lately (which will be integral to the story later), so I wasn’t sure how late she’d want to stay out, but she’s a champ.Β So we dressed to the 3’s in our beach gear, hopped in the Shellmobile and made our way South.

We took our time, enjoying the ride and each others’ company. When we finally decided to stop and grab a nibble, we just pulled into a random parking lot along Fort Myers Beach and scanned the options. It’s how we roll.

Now, I know this is not a food blog, but bear with me for a second.

We had our choice between a Mexican joint, a bar and a place called The South Beach Grille. We stopped to look at SBG’s menu…maybe seeing something on there would spark the taste buds. Hey, the menu looks good and fair priced. Plus, they have sushi, which is a Kingly favorite. So we decided on SBG. Keep in mind, we’re dressed for the beach.

Much to our surprise, the place is immaculate and pretty high end, as we were expecting your typical “beache grille” experience. But despite my Hormel Chili stained wife beater (I’m kidding of course – we were in beach shorts and T-shirts), they were very kind and welcomed us in, just the same. Our server was great and the food was amazing. So if you’re on Fort Myers Beach in the future, stop by and check the place out. It’s definitely worth your time. I could go on and on about the place, believe me. But it’s Five Stars fo’ sho’.

Oh yeah, Queenie had the Chicken Fettucini:


and I had the Crab Cakes:


So back on the road, we arrived a little later than normal at the spot. Normally, we change into our beach gear and hit the rizzoad as soon as we arrive home from work on Thursdays.


The water there is a gorgeous deep blue/green and warm as can be.


I was excited to get to the recommended spot, but was distracted by huge wrack line of shells the entire way.


I scooped a couple times in the water, but decided to stay in the wrack. There were tons of goodies in there!


…and by goodies, I mean tons (and I mean tons) of Worm Shells, Lightning Whelks, Coral, Sharks Eyes, Sand Dollars, Apple and Lace Murexes and Fighting Conchs of every shape and size as far as the eye could see. …and one of our favorites – Crown Conchs (we found three).


Queenie found this GIANT piece of Coral as she was scanning the water. See the Sand Dollar at 2 o’clock? He was about the size of her palm. So that should give you an idea as to how big that Coral piece was. It’s sitting on my lanai now and weighs about 8 pounds.

As I mentioned before, my poor Queen has been fighting a bug all week. As we approached our intended destination, a putrid smell became more evident.


The wrack line as we approached the jetty was lined with dead Fighting Conchs.


Hundreds upon hundreds of dead Fighting Conchs. Oh the smell. Geesh. I have an iron lined stomach, so I handled it ok. But it was causing the Queen some problems and the poor thing lost a little bit of supper along the beach. 😦

So now, the spot will forever be known as Conch Carcass Beach, aka Puke Pointe.


But the goodies were all over the place and our friend was right in telling us what to expect. I was able to pull in a couple of Alphabet Cones and a killer Lace Murex. To say that the shells were abundant would be a gross understatement. We filled the shell bucket up and will be visiting the spot again in the very, very near future.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a bunch of the normal shell photos as we got home pretty late, so I’ll drop this pic here and give you an small sample of what was in the bucket. We’ll get em cleaned up and share some nicer photos next week. See the bright Orange Cantharus next to the Gaudy Nautica?


So thank you to The Essential Beachcomber for the tip!

This weekend the Queen and I will be making the June stop on the Florida Beaches Royalty Tour – and making itΒ a three day weekend extravaganza. We’ll also be celebrating a birthday that’s sure to include a few pies at our favorite pizza joint,Β Sir Pizza.Β Full report coming Monday.




17 thoughts on “Lemme get a “10” Spot, yo

  1. Those conchs were starting to smell on Monday so I can imagine they were purdy ripe on Thursday. Hope MS. Queen is back on track. Did you happen to see the dredge to the north working on Lover’s Key. That bad boy will be stirring thangs up for the next month. Another nice storm and it will be on like donkey kong out there.

  2. Holy Cow… You guys really hit the jackpot. THREE King’s Crowns??? Congratulations!! Were they at the Jetty or on the way to the jetty? I wanted to go there when I was down, but a 1 mile walk from the parking area in 85 degree heat was just not cutting it for me. Once you got to the jetty, did you have to go out in the water for everything, or were they all washed on shore? Can’t wait for more pics. Hope the Queen is back on her feet.

    • πŸ˜€
      The Crowns were in the wrack along the shore. The water was uber clear so you could see pretty far out, and lots were near the jetty. I did venture out to grab a few goodies, but almost all were on shore, just rolled up.

  3. I’m bookmarking this beach as a possibility for our next Sanibel trip. Between you and Karen talking about it, I really want to check it out.

  4. As always, an awesome blog post. So sorry to hear about the ripe conchs and poor Queen. I hope she’s feeling better, poor gal. What a lot of cool shells! That sand dollar is just killer — I’m so jealous! Was in Alabama for military training this past weekend so decided to hit Ft. Walton Beach, near Destin. I knew there probably wouldn’t be any shells there to speak of, and there sure aren’t many. I did find a really interesting/odd black bivalve type of shell — kind of looks like an oyster but smaller. Maybe an operculum? At any rate — we had a great time at the beautiful beach there, but I sure wouldn’t waste my time shelling there (in case you’ve never been). I did end up buying 5 tiny sand dollars at one of the local souvenir shops. I’ve always wanted to find a whole sand dollar in FL. πŸ™‚ Does that count? Lol.

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