A visit from Andrea – Part 2


We made our way over the bridge and headed underneath, where we’ve always found good shells. The pilings had built up quite nicely with mounds and mounds of shells. Due to the dredging lately, the spot under the bridge is now pretty deep. I had to extend my scoop as far down as I could. I could feel the shells piled down there. So I just pulled and pulled and pulled…..and brought up this wonderful Crown Conch.



…and an Alphabet Cone.


Queenie got one too.


She also got ahold of an Albino Fighting Conch, an absolute ton of Apple Murexes and a handful of Shark’s Eyes.



Some Apple Murexes (in a few different sizes) and a really nice Lace Murex – along with that Purplish Semele I mentioned in Part 1.



A couple of those Crown Conchs, a Sharp Ribbed Drill and Queenie’s Albino Fighting Conch.


Shark’s Eyes.


…and two really nice Alphabet Cones.

…and that was just Friday Night!

Hopefully more to come as the weekend progresses.



6 thoughts on “A visit from Andrea – Part 2

  1. We need to come up with OOL (oohing out loud). hahahhahaha. Man oh man, each pic is so gorgeous. LOVE those king’s crown conchs!!! That lace murex looks like it has a purple “nose.” Very pretty. And hey, do 2 of those shark’s eyes have blue eyes? Looks like they are tinged blue from where I’m sitting. LOL. I am so happy for you guys. Great job!!!

  2. I always forget to ask, do you mineral oil the shells prior to the pics? They are always so clean and beautiful with a bit a shine. LOVE them.

    • We take them home and fill the bucket with warm water and a little soap. Then we brush them with a toothbrush to get the gunk off. Once they’re dry, yep….just a dash of mineral oil. 🙂

      • Like proud mama and papa, clean the baby gently and shine her up like the treasure she is. Smiles from one shell lover to another!!

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