It just got real…


Most likely no Thursday Thunder tonight, but we should see some good shelling this weekend thanks to Tropical Storm Andrea. I would prefer Pollo Tropical, but we can’t always get what we hope for.


No direct hits in our area, but it’s still nasty out and will be for a few days.

Stay safe, friends!


4 thoughts on “It just got real…

  1. Your one comment reminds me of a song, “You can’t always get what you want.” hahahahhaha. I hope Sunday is a big treasure chest for you and the Queen.!!

  2. King, i just reciently came across youre blog and love it. I am a northern gal but have visited Florida in past years and yearn to return. Had the joy of visiting sannabele island once for a very limited time. I am getting in years and would now like to bring my daughter and her three daughters to the island for shell hunting. When is the best “season” and do you know of a place to rent that is reasonable with a kitchen so we can cook our own meals?

    • Hi Becky. Thanks for stopping by! In my opinion, the best season for shelling is the winter, especially during a full moon/negative low tide. Unfortunately, the water is cold during that time so diving without a wetsuit is out of the question. But if you’re up early enough, you can scour the beaches and often find treasure troves of goodies along the shore.

      Unfortunately I can’t help with the rental places, as I sure don’t know who’s been running the deals lately. I always recommend staying in Fort Myers and driving onto Sanibel. Plenty of available places to stay and it saves a ton of money!

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