It’s like an Aquarium out here!


The weather forecast said there would be rain all weekend. We considered hitting the beach on Saturday, but since it was so overcast it turned into a true lounge around the house kinda day. We were not going to let an entire weekend go by and not hit the sand, so we got up early on Sunday and made our week to Blind Pass, hoping to beat the rain. This time, we stayed on the Sanibel side, due to what we saw but were unable to catch on Thursday Thunder.

As they say, persistence pays off. This time it rang true. Just like we encountered the other night, the Arks and Cockles rolled in through the rough surf. But they also brought in some great Apple Murex, Lightning Whelks, Juvenile Horse Conchs and…Octopus?


Yep, This little guy was hanging out inside of a Lightning Whelk. He decided to pop out and introduce himself when I picked it up.


After crawling around on my hand a bit, we put him back into the water so he could live to play another day.


It was quite an active day out there, I must admit. I found an Octopus, Queenie also found this great Alphabet Cone….


And then we assisted a fellow fisherman, Gary in releasing his catch back into the sea:


A small, but very unhappy Blacktip Shark.


I bet that guy would taste pretty good, lightly seasoned and broiled with some butter and garlic.

The shark, people. Not Gary…the shark. Geesh.

I kid, I kid of course.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your catch!


So between the active water, the Octopus and Blacktip Shark, we have to say it was quite an exciting morning!

I was getting ready to take photos of a few of the goodies from this weekend and laid them out on a towel to dry. I started building a Picasso piece and realized I’d never be able to replicate it. Ha! So please forgive the shadow and drab, brown towel. 😉


We’ve also been approached by a couple of folks who expressed interest in Guest Posting here at So be on the look out for those blog postings here in the near future. We’re excited to have them be a part.

Also readers, if there are any topics that’d you’d be interested in seeing us cover, please drop us an email through our Contact Page and we’ll get on it!


9 thoughts on “It’s like an Aquarium out here!

  1. Great post. LOVED the pics. You guys found some brilliant orange scallops. I didn’t see the baby conchs in there though 😦 You asked if there was a topic we’d like. I would love to see a post on King’s Crown Conchs. I found a couple of nice ones when I was down there but they do tend to be elusive. Would love some tips :-). Thanks again for another wonderful post. I look forward to them every week!!

  2. P.S. I can’t believe I forgot to comment on your new friend, the octopus. Great pics. He looked very comfy squishing around on your hand.

  3. I had a baby octopus crawl out of a shell up my arm one time too. It totally freaked me out. I love how you & the queen are so spontaneous with your shelling. It just goes to show you – It’s all about the journey not just the destination.

  4. Amen to that Karen. The journey is the best part.. 🙂

    Tam, you got it. I’ll put it on the “to blog about list”! I found one there on Sunday. His crown was intact but he had a huge hole on the side of the shell, so I left him in the sand. You’re right though. They are certainly not easy to find.

  5. I really liked seeing the octopus. That’s something we’ve only seen one time ourselves. I’m curious as to what you do with all the shells you do take home.

    • We have quite a lot of crafty things around the house that the shells fit right into…displays, etc. The Queen is also a crafter/scrapbooker, so she makes various things out of various things. 😀

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