Buried Treashah


The sun, she’d been a shinin’. The water’d been a ripplin’…and the treasures….well, they’d been buried.



Low tide it’s finest at Gulfside City Park. Among the sand in these low tides – treasure. Lots of it. I’ll cut to the chase and get right to the pics!


Lots and lots of live creatures out in the water last night. Many of these Lightning Whelks sat close to the shore along with Fighting Conchs and tons upon tons of live Olives making their way back to the water.


The Sand Dollars were back out, alive and well – by the thousands.


Click on the pic below and look closely. You can see them laying in the sand. The entire beach looked like this. One big Sand Dollar carpet.


Since the tide was low, the treasures were nestled nicely in the sand at the shore. Sure, the minis were out in bundles, rolling up in the surf. But when you see little bits of shell peeking out from the sand – especially keeper shells – it makes your heart skip a beat.


So if your eye is trained, you’ll spot the ones you’re lookin’ for, peeking slightly out of the sand. Like that stripe across the body of a Lightning Whelk that you can see from a few feet away?

George and Michelle, a nice couple we met while scouring the sand agreed and said the same thing. Michelle’s bag was chock full of goodies she’d found the same way.


Queenie found a killer Lace Murex with great color.


And I found this monster Nutmeg. Just so you know, I’m 6’4″ with big hands that can palm a basketball. That thing is a BEAST.


Oh wait. What is thiiiiiiiiiiis?



A really cool, intact Horse Conch, empty and clean.


Murexes by the palm full.


The Queen found some more juvenile Lightning Whelks, a shiny Shark’s Eye and this nice Cone with dark orange spire.


Here’s a closer look at that monster Nutmeg, with a smaller cousin the Queen found close by.

…and the Pièce de Résistance:


This weekend we’ll be making our 5th stop on the 2013 Florida Beaches Royalty Tour. Due to the Memorial Day holiday, we’ll have an update for you on Tuesday.

Speaking of the Memorial Day holiday, let’s remember that it’s not National Barbecue Day, but a day to remember our fallen who served in the US Armed Forces.



13 thoughts on “Buried Treashah

  1. Wow! What a GREAT post. You guys got some wonderful finds. I LOVE them all, but that large NUTMEG takes the cake. Thank you for another great post. It’s always a pleasure!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day and see you Tuesday!! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I know the masses have been out on Sanibel shelling like mad, but GCP was pretty quiet, so we basically had the run of the place. Hope you enjoy your trip to Sanibel next week. The shells are moving, so it should be a great time for you!

  3. I’m so jealous (and slightly depressed). Our recent trip was a bust for shells except for the one day we did Cayo Costa with Capt. Brian. We even tried Gulfside beach one day (tomorrows post) and had no luck. We didn’t see anything like what you have posted here. This was just not our shelling year. Hopefully next year we will run into you and your wife on the beach.

  4. Oh no! How many beaches did you get a chance to stop by and see? We have had those kind of days. Too many to count, actually. So disappointing. I’m so sorry to hear that the shells weren’t more abundant:( Next time you’re in town, drop us a line and we’ll meet up!

  5. Really nice stuff Tobe….looks like fun….wish I had the time and place to do it!
    Not yet anyway…but close!

  6. Once again, pretty awesome! Lovely horse conch — are you planning to clean the periostracum off the shell or leave it au naturel? That big nutmeg is pretty cool, too. We’ve been doing our own “beachcombing/royalty” tour up here in New England this Spring/Summer. Found 2 common whelks last weekend in Maine, and this weekend, have been finding some pretty cool sea glass, including an old glass bottle stopper. Not as great as your findings, but I call it “practice” for Sanibel. 🙂

    • Where do you go to find the sea glass? I’m always book marking places across the country to do that. Is there a specific beach you like in your area?

      • Hi Kim – I’m still figuring that one out, too. We only recently moved to New England, so I’ve only been able to find a few spots that I would recommend so far (I find that the locals keep the “good” places very secret). If you’re ever up this way, I’d suggest checking the rockier beaches in Gloucester, MA (check by Pavilion Beach and Stage Fort Park beaches) and Rockport, MA, at low tide and not during tourist season. The Cape Ann area up there still has some very active harbors and has a history of lots of shipwrecks, so I’ve found some decent stuff in those 2 towns. I tried Acadia Nat’l Park last weekend (Bar Harbor Island, specifically) and didn’t think it was all that great. I found a lot of glass, but it was still kind of sharp and only somewhat frosted. I’ve heard that it’s because there’s just not a lot of “wave action” up there.

    • Nice! The tour has been a ball for us this year. Glad to hear you’re on one too 🙂 as far as the Horse Conch, I believe the Queen is gonna make that call. LoL

      • Airon, thank you so much – that is some great information. I’m especially interested in state park areas and the place with the shipwrecks is right up my alley. I understand what you mean about locals keeping the good places a secret. LOL. Just like a good fishing spot!

        Believe it or not, we find a lot of nice sea glass in Kentucky Lake They flooded several towns here 60 years ago to form the lake, and I have one specific beach where I find nice glass all the time.

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