Sanibel Monopoly


If Blind Pass is the Boardwalk of “Sanibel Monopoly”, then Captiva is the Park Place.

We visited Bowman’s Beach last night for Thunder, which personally I’ve always considered the Baltic and Mediterranean of the island. Perhaps after last night, I should take a closer look at the board.


Now I have made it very clear on multiple occasions that I do not like Bowman’s Beach. Perhaps it’s the “it seems like a three-day journey from car to sand” that you have to take to get to the beach once you park? I kid, of course. But that is a long walk. I’ve actually contemplated buying myself a Dog the Bounty Hunter walking stick and hiring a Sherpa to assist in the trek.

Maybe it’s the mostly murky water? I’ve only been to Bowman’s Beach once when the water was clear. Maybe I’m just picking the wrong days?

Maybe I’m just not giving Bowman’s Beach a chance.


So, I put my clothes back on and we made our way towards the sand.


Ok, it’s a pretty sweet view. I’ll give ya that.

We rolled up around 5:30pm, just as the beach-goers were heading for home. So the beach was pretty bare, save for a few fishermen and maybe three to four out-of-towners.



Lightning Whelk and Fighting Conch egg cases as far as the eye could see.


…and a handful of shell piles scattered here and there with the occasional gem hidden within, like this amazing Pear Whelk:


The water was murky though 😦

But we continued searching for shells like we normally do and were pleasantly surprised at the number of Fighting Conchs and Lightning Whelks we found. There were a large number of broken Tulip shells and several Olives. So the shells are definitely out there.


I’m still on the hunt for Orangies, and we found several.


After further inspection, I realize that I really haven’t been giving Bowman’s Beach a chance…and for that Mr. Bowman, I sincerely apologize. I’ve awarded myself no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.


Consider this sand painting a token of my feelings.



6 thoughts on “Sanibel Monopoly

  1. I have avoided Bowman’s Beach because of the “hike” from the parking lot as well. I told my son and daughter that if I had an all terrain wheelchair I might take it on though. That aside, I really like the shells you found, especially the baby horse conch (one of my all-time faves next to the King’s crown conch). You may want to check out the 2 pics Pam posted on I love shelling . com from a couple from NY state who hit the mother lode over 2 days just from Bowman’s beach to Blind pass. It was an amazing haul. So, I guess Bowman’s does pay off!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Yeah, I saw that haul. Good Lord! We had a similar haul after Debbie last year (before we started blogging). I say similar, because we had three buckets full, which at the time I thought was a lot. But their haul was just ridiculous. lol Did you see Donnie’s from this past weekend? Geeeeeeeesh

    • Yes, I saw Donnie’s too. One day I would love to find a super huge horse conch but I am afraid to go in the water, so I doubt that will ever happen. But, the baby conch’s are great too. My son and I want to go back the first week of December, but if you all get a great summer storm we may try to jump on that bandwagon!!!!

  3. We’ve been going to Sanibel for two years now. Each time, we’ve found our best shells on the stretch from Bowman’s Beach to Blind Pass. This last year, in late March, we actually found one large horse conch (about 12″) and one large lightning whelk (7″ long) just crashing in the waves at low tide on that stretch. So, we didn’t even have to get in the water and get our feet wet. They were both empty, and were complete shells, though the horse conch had a chip out of the lip of his shell. Now, we found those at around 5:00 a.m. with flashlights (vampire shelling at its best!, ha ha), but it tells me those shells are out there. This same year, on that same stretch, one day there were 3 great big shells piles where we were pulling all sorts of shells out. The next two days? Slim pickings and the piles were gone. I think it’s just one of those places where “when it’s hot, it’s hot, and when it’s not . . . it’s definitely not. Glad you’re giving it another shot anyway. Love the blog…I shell vicariously through you guys and the people on Pam’s blog. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! After this past Thursday, we’re definitely going to give Bowman a few more shots. Hopefully we can have the same success as you. 🙂

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