The Lively Lighthouse



It was a lively and active Lighthouse Beach last evening. The tide was super low, which brought out a number of creatures, both in and out of the water.


We were on the hunt for whatever last night. Nothing in particular, really. We’ve just returned from a wedding in Indiana, so we were beyond anxious to get back to what makes us comfortable – the beach, the sand, the shells….the sea.



The mini shells were out in full force – Horse Conchs, Wentletraps, Drills, Cantharuses, tiny tiny Fighting Conchs and Bubbles. LOTS of Bubbles.


…and the number of live shells out and about were astounding. Little crabs were in just about every pull of the scoop. Live Coquinas were burrowing anywhere they could find a piece of wet sand, and there was a lot of that….and a lot of burrow spots.


These were Olive burrows, I believe. I’m not positive, but the reason I’m assuming is, they were everywhere – live Olives, that is. I must have counted forty-plus live Olives, struggling to make their ways back into the sand.





o4wmUmmm, still going.

o5wmaaaand, almost gone….see the burrowing Coquina just below?

I stumbled upon this guy, also trying to get away from whatever took a couple of his arms.


The Cormorants were out too, drying off their wings.




….and what has become an unfortunately common occurrence here in Southwest Florida, a hooked Pelican.



These little guys just don’t realize how painful a hook in the mouth can be, so with reckless abandon they grab fish from a fisherman and get hooked.

He struggled to get free, only to get himself more tangled in the line.

5-9-2wmBut this fisherman knew what to do and slowly and cautiously  help release the guy from the line.

5-9-1wmUnfortunately, he couldn’t remove the hook because the Pelican was chomping at him, but he was able to free him from the line and let him loose. The Pelican flew a short distance away and acted like nothing was wrong. Matter of fact, he stayed close to the pier, no doubt waiting for another fish to get caught.

Like I said, it was pretty lively at the Lighthouse.


2 thoughts on “The Lively Lighthouse

  1. So glad to see you back at the beach> I have missed you pics. and info. We will see you in about 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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