Pics from Lover’s Key

As promised, here are a few shell pics from our Lover’s Key adventure this past weekend. No Thunder tonight and we have previous engagements for the weekend, but we’ll be back in full beach bum swing at the beginning of next week 🙂



A pretty nice Sunray Venus (he broke apart as I was posing him) 😦


Some Orange Coquinas and a pretty cool Tulip


A handful of minis, including the Brown Dwarf Olive there in the front, a Coffee Bean Malampus (the one we’d never found before) and a couple of really tiny mini Channel Whelks.


and Rose Petal Tellins. Take a look at the spire on that awesome Top, too!


One thought on “Pics from Lover’s Key

  1. It’s so nice to see what can be found at Lover’s Key. I was tempted to go there on my last trip to Sanibel but was afraid I’d “waste” my day and go back empty-handed. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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