Sunday Funday


Ok, I’m just gonna get right to it and start showing pictures….Sanibel Blind Pass was insane yesterday. Nuts. Crazy. Out of control.


Now, we initially thought it would rain, but at 8:30am the sun was shining through our front window. I knew Queenie wouldn’t want to miss a chance to shell, even if it would only be an hour or two. Nope, it was blazing out with a nice breeze and nary a cloud in the sky. The Queen Mother is in town for a few days, and we know how much she loves BP too. So, away we all went.


We found a parking spot easily, set up camp and saw the shell pile near the jetty rocks. Within minutes, we knew it was the place to be. The surf was very rough, but due to it being so rough, it was pulling in keepers by the bucket load…and I am not kidding when I say “bucket”. Queenie and her mom filled enough for three buckets….Horse Conchs, Fighting Conchs, Lightning Whelks, Pear Whelks, Scallops in every color, Banded Tulips, Cones, you name it.

….and there wasn’t an average one in the whole lot, including the Queen Mother’s find of an alllllllllmost intact Junonia. First time she’s found one.


Like I said…


So rather than blather on about how beautiful the water was (gettin pretty warm too) or how musical the birds were (lots of tweeting) or how cool it was to see boats out on the water (lots of sailors out for some reason), I’ll just get straight to the goodies.


That is the biggest Shark’s Eye we’d ever found. Intact, too. Queenie also found two Crown Conchs and three Colorful Moon Shells in pristine condition. I found the Rock Snail there at the end. Never found a Rock Snail before. I hear they’re a rarity here. Very cool.


Here’s a better look at a few we pulled in.


I snagged a little Starfish and decided to use the poor guy’s carcass as a prop. Look at that crazy blue in the middle!


Oh, and orange shells by the palm full.


At last count, we pulled in sixteen Banded Tulips.


Tons of Coral, all in great shape.


Soon as I saw this Dosinia with a key hole in it, I knew I needed to keep it. Check out the Lace Murex there in the front.


Like I said…completely ridiculous the number of shells just rolling in.


This was almost as good (almost) as the shell carpet that Tropical Storm Debby brought into town last Summer. Had we found a nice Alphabet Cone, it would have been the best shelling day we’d have ever experienced.


Not bad, eh?


11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. What an AMAZING haul you guys had!!!!!!! I love them all, but I think my favorite is the stunning blue starfish. He is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!!!!

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