The Venice Shark Tooth Festival


This weekend took us on a quick jaunt North to the City of Venice for the Annual Venice Shark Tooth Festival. The event takes place every year at the Venice Municipal Airport Fairgrounds with all proceeds going to the Special Olympics. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning and help kids in the process.



Since Venice, Florida is known as the Shark Tooth Capitol of the World, what better way to show that off by having festival – All about Shark Teeth?

I was surprised to find that the festival is quite large with vendors running the gamut from woodworking and glass making to cell phone and storm shutter sales. The Queen and I have been to our share of festivals and many are more cozy than huge. This one is huge. They start off each festival with a 10K run and this year’s event featured 642 runners.

Of course, as soon as we entered the festival grounds, my Scooby Doo-like food-sensing nose sniffed out the food vendors. Anyone who knows me knows that these places tend to be my favorite stops when I attend festivals. Remember how Scooby would get a sniff of a Scooby Snack and float in the air towards it? Yeah, I do that exact same thing. I float too.


I ended up getting a crispy grouper sandwich that was nearly nine inches long. It was $10, and worth it.


Off to the right as you entered (just over my shoulder in the pic above), two very large tents were set up to accommodate the many fossil, teeth and geode vendors….and there were many, featuring fossils and teeth found not only in the local area, but all over the world.



Off to the left of the entrance we found many exhibits featuring locally made arts and crafts. If you were in the market for some local beachy decor, it would have been the place to stock up for sure. In the market for a boat? Yep, they had some boat sellers there too. Got kids? Hey guess what? Kid booths too.

We had our eyes peeled for fellow shell and beach blogger The Essential Beachcomber, but unfortunately we missed her (next time, K!).



I’m sorry to pause this blog-cast in mid-blog, but I just had to stop to show you all this guy’s Sweet Mullet.



Our friends at Mote Marine Lab had their own booth where they taught about the various shells and marine life found in our local waters. Very informative.

She thought I didn’t notice, but I spotted Queenie eyein’ that Funnel Cake booth as soon as we walked in.

“You want a funnel cake, babe?”

“Nah, I’m ok.”

Suuuuure you are.


So next year, make sure you put it on your calendar to visit the Shark Tooth Festival in the Shark Tooth Capitol of the World – beautiful Venice, Florida. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “The Venice Shark Tooth Festival

  1. I would love to attend that. Looks like a great event and the food looked much better than the festival fare we ate last week at our local festival. The grouper sandwich looked awesome!

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