A Night Out at the Lighthouse


Last night’s Thunder took us out to Lighthouse Beach, where the water was rough, the wind was blowing and the wild life (both human and non-human) was out enjoying the higher temperatures and surprisingly warm(er) water.


Many of our trips take us out to Blind Pass (since it’s our favorite), but we realized that we had been neglecting some of the other beautiful beaches that Sanibel has to offer….and they do have many! Although Lighthouse Beach is not my personal favorite, last night’s finds may change that.


The wind was certainly whipping and in turn that caused quite a rough surf to come rolling in. But as we all know, when the waters are tumbling, so are the shells.


Lighthouse Beach is pretty well known for Horse Conchs, Mini shells and Lightning Whelks. Apart from the Horse Conchs, we had no problem finding many of the other two.


And much to our surprise, the water itself felt warmer….that’s because it was. NOAA reported a water temp of 74 degrees last night. I guess that’s due to the high 80’s we’ve been experiencing the last couple of weeks. Now to me personally, that’s snorkeling water, not “no shirt” swimming water. But, to the many visitors we saw, it did mean swimming water, as many of them were having a grand ol’ time.



and I’m gettin’ stoked. I cannot wait until the waters are back to warm. I miss getting out there and enjoying that warm water while I snorkel for keepers.

Now as I mentioned, Lighthouse Beach is not my personal favorite. Reason being is that the water is normally not as clear as the beaches on the other side – BP, Bowman, Captiva North End and on up. I like to see what’s in the water so I don’t step on it….like this guy:


He was still alive, although missing a couple of limbs. We turned him over and his little yellow tentacles were wiggling like crazy. So we gently put him back in the water. We found another one further up the beach, alive as well. Looked as though a beach visitor didn’t realize he was still alive and left him out on the beach to bake in the sun. We put him back in the water as well. Poor guy. Hopefully he made it.


The crabs were out as well. The Queen stopped to take a picture of this little guy, who treated her like the paparazzi and gave her the “leave me alone!” look . Then he flipped her the middle claw.


“I’m outta here, dude.”


This guy was playing hide and hide in a Dosinia shell.

…and speaking of shells, they were certainly out! The Coquinas were everywhere. How many can you see in this pic?


Walking along in the water with my rake, I was able to snag a handful of some keepers. We found another Colorful Moon Shell/Gaudy Nautica. I know that crab shell isn’t a “shell” per se, but I think it’s pretty cool.


So yeah, the water was warm, sun was shining and the shells were rollin’. What else did we find? Hmmmm, let’s see. We found several Coquinas and Lightning Whelks, a broken (but still cool) Ladder Horn shell (I forgot to snap a pic, sorry), a few Ribbed Cantharuses, Bubbles, Nassas, Tusks, Jasper Cones, Apple Murexes, a small-ish Sunray Venus….and the Queen found a perfectly flawless Paper Fig Shell.



Maybe after last night, we should give Lighthouse Beach another chance to become one of our favorites?


6 thoughts on “A Night Out at the Lighthouse

  1. When the south winds are blowing, the Lighthouse is the best. I had my shelling day last summer out there after one of the big dtorms rolled through. Nice thing about Sanibel beaches – you always got options.

  2. The best way to describe it would be a cross between a Florida Cerith and a Wentletrap, It’s a snail shell shaped a lot like a Wentletrap, but brown in color with whitish bands. They’re common here, but we’d never found any before.

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