Just a lazy Sunday at the beach….


When I die, I’d like my entrance into Heaven to be like the view going over the Sanibel Causeway. Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crossed onto that bridge and a feeling of peace overwhelms me. No matter what worries or stressors are in my life, there is something about that bridge and view that washes it all away.


…and once I set my seat down in the sand, drape it with my towel and lean back, I always take a deep breath of that salty air…a comforting, relaxing breath that says, “Ahhhhhhh, I’m here.”

And what a relaxing Sunday it was. The sun was bright and warm, the water was clear and active and the sea shells were popping. We settled into our spot and noticed shell piles everywhere. Not only that, but a real live shell carpet was in full effect (as you can see above to the left). I was stoked to get raking to see what we could find. I almost sent out a Tweet letting our fellow shellers know that the shell carpet was back, but wanted to check which shells were carpeting the sand before I did.


Unfortunately, the water wasn’t spitting out large numbers of keepers, but many of the “standards” I mentioned in my last post. Today, my poor feet feel like hamburger from walking all over them. But, the Scallops of all shapes and color were out en-masse, as well as a plethora of Olives and Augers. I spotted an Orange Rough Scallop and the hunt for orange ones was on. Queenie was doing her due diligence and snagged a detached Horse Conch egg case….


….as well as this prickly Sea Urchin. We’ve never found one of those here before. Very cool.


She was pulling in Worm Shells and Lightning Whelks like there was no tomorrow.


Like I said. Orange Scallops. These have become by new favorite, and we found quite a few. Look at the color of that Orange Rough Scallop in the middle! WOW!


…and the Lightning Whelks of all shapes and sizes were everywhere.


The Queen also snagged a nice piece of Junonia, a Shark’s Eye, some intact Dosinias, a huge Turkey Wing and yet another Gaudy Nautica/Colorful Moon Shell.

So not a bad Sunday. However, I’m paying for it with a nasty sunburn. Ouch! I guess that’s what I get for digging for treasure instead of reapplying sunscreen!

I’ll take it.


6 thoughts on “Just a lazy Sunday at the beach….

  1. Great blog. I always enjoy reading the story that goes along with the pictures. And speaking of pictures, you guys always set up the shells so pretty in your shots. Thanks again for making my day Sanibel ShellTastic!!

    • Thank you! We do try to capture as much as a picture can. But as you know, a picture just doesn’t compare to actually being there. Glad to know we’re gettin close. 🙂

    • We visit them all, but mostly Blind Pass. We like Lighthouse Beach and Gulf Side City Park, for sure. Bowman occasionally. But it seems like we just “know” Blind Pass best, you know? Seems like we find great shells there each time. This Thursday we’re going to Lighthouse Beach. Hopefully we find some keepers.

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