Take a virtual walk with me…

Unfortunately, no Thunder last night, as the rains poured and washed away our evening. 😦 Oh well. I’ll just have to give you a look at how many of our Thursday Thunders go! So, take a virtual walk along the shore line with us….


Normally when we hit the beach, we immediately see a lot of this scene with your standard shells littering the shore – Kitten’s Paws, Scallops, Venus Clams, Cockles…you know, the standards. When we first moved here, it looked like a gold mine of shells – and it really is if you love shells. Once you get a taste of the rarer ones, these are often walked right over.





More times than not, those above are the type of shells you’ll find on the shore. The Queen keeps her eyes peeled on minis while she digs and digs. I normally hit the water immediately while the Queen finds the closest shell pile. She has a bucket and plastic scoop that she brings along. She also has a little foam pad that she sits on while shelling. Hours of sitting while shells are poking into your tooshie certainly takes its toll. It’s always good to have something to sit on.


We always keep our eyes on the sand as we’re walking. You never know what kind of cool things you’ll find just laying there.


It’s always good to keep an eye on the horizon. Or else you might miss shots like this:


Sometimes, we find little guys like these hanging around in the rake. They are often joined by their cousin, the Sand Flea.


This usually goes on for hours, raking and digging….But the real fun happens when you pull the rake out of the water, walk to the shore and dump it and suddenly something colorful catches your eye…


A Chestnut Turban or a nice Apple Murex…or maybe a…


Flat/Zig Zag Scallop (which always makes the Queen squeal). The fun really starts when from deep within the pile you see….



And occasionally you’ll get really lucky and either rake or dig up one or more of these:


Make no mistake – a couple of the ones in the above picture are not super easy to find – namely the larger Alphabet Cone and the highly coveted Junonia. Sure, Cone Shells are common to this area, but if you find a big Alphabet Cone or a Junonia, THAT is a good shelling day. If we are lucky enough to find any of these shells, anything we find after that is gravy, baby. Sometimes, we even stop off and grab a lottery ticket. 😉


Can you tell we love to shell?


And most nights usually end like this – the two of us, both smiling.


So next time you see us, come say hello and introduce yourself. Heck, maybe we can shell together?


4 thoughts on “Take a virtual walk with me…

  1. What a great blog this one was! Thanks for much for taking your readers to the beach with you. It’s been so very cold here in NY state, I really needed that cyber shelling trip!! LOVE all the pics of all your awesome shells. Thanks again!!

  2. I sure hope I find some of those treasures the next time we’re down. I just bought myself 2 nice sand scoops that I can’t wait to come try. When you’re out in knee deep water, are you scooping up sand and checking it or are you seeing shells and scooping them?

    • If I’m in knee deep water, chances are I’m snorkeling for shells. I normally don’t go out far with the rake….just a few feet into the water from the shoreline where I can see em. But I scoop, take it to dryer sand, dump and the Queen scours em. Then rinse and repeat 😉 sometimes I do grab into sand and shake, but rarely.

      I can’t wait until the water gets warmer. I haven’t snorkeled for a while!

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