Missing the beach :(


There comes a time each year (and it’s usually when Spring has started to sprung) where I get stuffed up and sniffly. Mix in a little bit of the “first fiscal quarter of the year, so we need all hands on deck” and you have a recipe for keeping me from the beach. I hate it, but it’s inevitable.

Luckily, the Queen always has a plan for times such as these, like the Florida Beaches Royalty Tour.


The Queen asked me last night, “When you can’t sleep at night, is there something you think about that calms you and helps put you to sleep?” I quickly replied, “Yep, the beach.” She thought the same thing too. I guess great minds think alike? I refrained from telling her my backup moment of peace – Game 7 of the World Series and I’m on the mound pitching for the Cubs.


But yep, the beach. People who don’t live near a beach spend a tremendous amount of time wishing they did. I used to be one of those people until I moved here.


I am thankful that I live here. There is nothing quite like the smell of the sea, the feel of the sand between your toes or the feeling of peace as you bask in the sun with no care in the world.


I will never take it for granted.


I consider it a gift that I can do this anytime I choose to:


So this weekend, the Queen and I are continuing our Florida Beaches Royalty Tour adventure. This weekend’s destination – Treasure Island, which boasts the claim, “The largest white sand beach on the Gulf coast”. We’ll have pics and a review of the beach in Monday’s blog post.



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