Back into the swing of things….


After over a week and a half off from our latest tour stop, it was good to head back to the beach last night. Unfortunately, the weather  (and the continued influx of the notorious Red Tide) hasn’t been too cooperative the last few weeks. Thankfully, I think we’ve seen the last of it (the weather), because from here on out we’re looking at 80 degree weather every day. Whew!


We headed out to Blind Pass expecting to get knee deep in shells, as we’ve heard through the sea grape-vine that they were to be had. Well, yes and no. Yes, they are out there. No, we couldn’t get to most of them. Why?

For one, they’re dredging. Two, the water was FAST. I saw Fighting Conchs and Olives pass by me at Lightning Whelk speed. I just wasn’t fast enough with the rake. We grabbed a few nice shells – some very colorful scallops, a couple Murexes and a nice fat Olive, but the water was just too fast. Under the bridge where they’re dredging on the back bay side, it felt like the boats were sucking water through a straw. Don’t try standing in it. You WILL get swept away. But we found some cool stuff, like this Egret and Gray Heron:

and this cool Horse Conch Egg Case growing on the back of a Pen Shell:

…And unfortunately, Red Tide is still around. Loads and loads of dead fish and little crabs littered the beach, especially under the bridge where they had piled up. It wasn’t long before we were sniffling and wheezing.

And the water…WHEW. Frigid. The news was reporting that the water temp was the coldest we’ve had in a year – 63 degrees. The Spring Breakers are in for a rude awakening if they think they’re going to come down here and swim. Not happenin’.

On a sad note, we had to say goodbye to our son, (Shell Boy) who has become a man and left the nest. Although he’s only been on two shelling adventures with us, he’ll always be a part of what we do. We love you and will miss you, son.



2 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things….

  1. That red tide has really been something this year. Have you heard about all the manatees dropping like flies? Boy, for somebody with asthma, like me, I’d probably end up in the hospital. Be careful out there!

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