Fun-sized Mini Shelling


2-22 12wm

Gulfside City Park was our destination last night, as rumors circulating around here stated that there was an influx of minis to be had. The rumors proved true. Who knew TMZ had a Shelling Division?


Although Mote Marine showed no red tide, as soon as we arrived we could smell it in the air. We didn’t see any dead fish, but the fishy smell was abundant.

2-22 10wm

But, the weather was nice (84 degrees) and the water was calm – and those are two things that make a beach visit worthwhile. There were a number of wild-dead (as opposed to wildlife) remnants on the shore. Like these whelk egg cases:

2-22 13wm

The rake proved its worth, as we began reeling in a bunch of keeper minis, like this teeny tiny sand dollar that had the Queen whooping with joy:

2-22 8wm

The Drills and Murexes were rolling in, along with tiny Horse Conchs, Bubbles, Dusky Cones and my favorites – Olives:

2-22 1

2-22 2wm

Drills and Murexes:

2-22 7wm

Dusky Cones:

2-22 6wm

The Olives – take a look at the gray one on the left:

2-22 5wm

I’m hoping as both the weather and water warm up that the treasures continue to roll in. Another successful Thursday Thunder!

2-22 4wm

And now that the weather is back to warm, this weekend we will be going to Anna Maria Island for the February stop on the Florida Beaches Royalty Tour. Our plan was last weekend, but 59 degrees? Nah.

2-22 3wm


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