God Save the Shell Queen

2-10 7wmWe often blog about shells and sand; water and vacations; but we don’t blog too much about who we are.

Well, today is all about the Shell Queen. Although most of the time they are my words you’re reading on this blog, the ideas and suggestions come directly from the Operations Director here – and that’d be the Queen.

“Hey, you should blog tomorrow about….”

“Take a picture of that and put that on the blog tomorrow!”

Yep, she’s the cream in my coffee, and multi-faceted in talent. She’s not only a brilliant mind in the board room at her day job, but a brilliant and avid scrapbooker in the arts and crafts room. I’ll be on the couch watching SVU marathons and I’ll hear a “tick tick tick” coming from her craft room – she’s hard at work coming up with the next award winning piece.

Here are a few of the artees-tic things she’s done recently.

Remember the shell carpet from the tropical storms last summer?


A day trip to Captiva:


And some recent SK pieces.  😀


Like I said, a smart woman too:


Make no mistake – I may be the one typing out the words here on the blog, but the real brains behind the operation is the Shell Queen. I could never do what I do or be who I am without her.



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