Easy like Sunday morning….

After a quick stop at the donut shop for some coffee and sweet treats, the island beckoned. We listened.

2-10 2wm

I mean, who in their right mind would turn down the beach on a day in which the weather meter reads 83 and there’s nary a cloud in the sky? Not this guy.

Now I know we blog about Blind Pass often. We do understand that there are other beaches around here besides the Pass. But to us, there is no better beach for clear water, fine sand and great shells.

2-10 3wm

And the shells? I can’t really say that the shells were plentiful, but there were certainly many to be had. We tried not to have them all, but we grabbed a few.

2-10 5wm

We also soaked up some much needed Vitamin D from the sun’s rays and enjoyed the very beautiful and WARM weather that had eluded us for a few weeks. It’s been nice, don’t get me wrong. But we didn’t wake up to a 50 degree chill and have to wait three or four hours for it to hit 80. It was warm when we woke up and got warmer the longer we shelled.

2-10 4wm

2-10 6wm

This was a shot waiting to be had all morning. There’s just something about that noise – the waves smashing into the jetty rocks – that although violent, is such a calming and peaceful sound. Made me hungry.

Hungry for some Scallops and Olives with a side of Sea Whip linguine. Molto Bella!

2-10 1wm

The Queen says her “find of the day” is the Giant Bittersweet Clam there on the left. I concur. Although the Kitten’s Paw/Orange Scallop Frankenstein combo there on the right is one that I stared at in awe. Yes, they were fused together into quite the eye-popping shell. The Queen also found what looks to be another  of what we referred to as a “Pink Bittersweet”. However, it appears to be a Purplish Semele.

2-10 8wm

No Thursday Thunder this week, as it’s Valentine’s Day and the Queen loves a good, romantic dinner.  But we’ll drop a Valentine’s Day greeting this Thursday, along with our destination spot for next weekend’s February stop on the Florida Beach Royalty Tour.


3 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday morning….

  1. Ver nice “finds of the day” pics and commentary. It’s been 2 months since I returned home form Sanibel and I miss it every day. The sounds, the sights, the smells, the SHELLS……dolphins. Heavy sigh.

    • We haven’t seen too many dolphins lately. We’ve had a rash of red tide lately and I wonder if they can sense it and stay away? I’m looking forward to the water warming up again so I can dive!

  2. We have been shelling Bowman’s for the last few weekends and have been finding bittersweets and egg cockles. Nothing as large as your Giant but they were the first ones I’ve found and I am happy to add them to my collection of SWFL shells. Thanks for sharing.

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