You’re the Cure for What Ails Me….


Whew. It is good to be back!


I’ve spent nearly an entire week under the weather and it was good to put my feet back on the sand. The Queen and I missed hitting any of the beaches this past weekend due to my being completely stuffed up and feverish. Nothing cures sickness like a warm beach in February. I wasn’t ready to put on the cape and cowl and get in the water, but there’s something about driving over the causeway that changes the whole body’s attitude, sick or not.


I can’t say our top goal was finding shells last night, but we did happen upon a few nicely striped juvenile Fighting Conchs and a couple of small Lightning Whelks on the jetty side of Blind Pass. Unfortunately, your crack blog writer neglected to snap any pictures of said shells, so they’ll be in this weekend’s blog update. I’m still shocked at how much the jetty side looks like a real beach. Amazing how much the beaches have changed from week to week over the last year. Almost like it’s not the same beach anymore.


We headed up the road a bit North and ended up at Captiva Beach, North End. No shells up there, but just walking in the sand along the shore line was enough for me. Next time you’re up there, pay attention to the sand as the surf rolls in. You’ll see lots of little holes. Many of those holes are the live Coquinas, burrowing their way back into the sand as they’re washed up. It’s pretty cool to watch them. But watch closely, because they’re quick!


I’m just glad the sickness is about gone. Now, back to our regularly scheduled shelling broadcast.


Next weekend (the 16th and 17th) is the 2nd stop on the 2013 Florida Beach Royalty Tour, and we’re looking forward to visiting this particular beach, which is a pretty decent drive from Fort Myers/Sanibel. We’ll let you know where we’ll be in next Friday’s blog update!


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