Don’t let it pass you by….


Last night, we were cold.

Really, really cold. But does that stop us? Of course not, but we do yap about how cold we are the entire time.

Back to BP for another Thursday Thunder last night. The Queen Mother is in town for a few short days, so we invited her to enjoy a Thunder with us. She and the Queen dug in at the shell pile near the jetty rocks while I grabbed the rake and walked North.


After about 10 minutes of walking North, I’d realized that I hadn’t reached the rake into the water. I hadn’t put my feet in the water either. I found that I had simply been peacefully daydreaming while walking along the sand….and it got me thinking.

We love to shell. It really is fun, and believe you me even competitive at times. We’re all gunning for that perfect Junonia, or that really brown Alphabet Cone, or maybe some other shell that we can take home and keep on our coffee table or shelf to show to friends and family. But is that all it’s really about? Not to me, it isn’t.

For me, the beach is what psychiatrists refer to as a “safe place” – you know, that secret, special place you go to in your mind where no one can touch you, no one can find you, no one can hurt you. It’s the place that you think about and suddenly, your mind calms down. Your body relaxes. You feel at peace. The beach is that place for me. So I went from planning on snorkeling (too cold) to unconsciously just taking in the peace of the moment. I was mesmerized by the sound of the water hitting the beach as it rolled in.


Reminds me of something a wise man once said:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I don’t plan on missing little pieces of nature like this anymore.


The Queen and her mother picked up quite a few colorful shells that had buried themselves in the shell pile. “You gonna dig through that pile that’s been here for 50 years?”, an older man asked the Queen Mother. “Maybe”, she replied. Good thing they did, because they picked up quite a few cool minis and tiny keepers.



We were also fortunate enough to watch a fisherman reel in a little 2 1/2 foot hammerhead shark last night. This is not a picture of the actual shark (didn’t have my camera handy), but she looked like this, only a little bigger:

hhshIn my scramble to see the thing, I ended up making some slight contact with the jetty rocks.


So look out for those rocks out there!



2 thoughts on “Don’t let it pass you by….

  1. My son made some “contact” with the jetty rocks on the causeway on our first day of vacation (Dec. 10), before we even got to Sanibel. 10 stiches in his index finger, cuts and scrapes on arms and legs. OUCH!! But, that did not stop him from getting good shells. He’s a real trooper. LOL.

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