Hell on Wheels

IMG_1562wmSo the Queen and I decided to ring in the New Year with a fun little bike ride on Sanibel Island. We stopped off at Billy’s Bikes on Periwinkle at around 9:30am and made our way West. Halfway there, we figured we were close to Pine Cove Beach, so we stopped and parked the bikes for a little morning stroll.


Neither of us were dressed for the beach, so we thought it would turn into a mini shell hunt once the sand hit our toes.

Instead, we admired the New Year’s eve artwork in the sand, like this giant octopus:


and this shelled dolphin:


sea turtle, mate:


and the Sandy Kingdom of Pine Cove City:


There was also plenty of wildlife, err, wild-death? Like these Horseshoe Crabs:



and this half-eaten Stone Crab


Which were probably eaten by this guy, who stood chill as could be:


So a 5 mile bike ride turned into an art trip and a mini safari. Not a bad way to kick off the New Year, huh?



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