All in all we’re just a….nother shell in the wall


The shell wall was in full effect last night at Blind Pass, built up quite nicely along the edge of the Captiva side of the jetty with an abundance of the standard shells we’re used to seeing out there.


There was a pretty brisk wind coming in from the North that made the air slightly cool, but the sun was shining and the beach vibe was there.

The is the wind blowing my shirt out by the way. I do not have a big belly. 😀


But the shells were certainly rolling in. Kitten’s Paws, Cockles, Bittersweets, you name it. The water wasn’t clear enough the don the wetsuit and dive, so I stuck to raking.

Didn’t find much – a few pink Scallops, a nice Thick-Lipped Drill, some really colorful Augers and a few other minis that the Queen quickly snatched up.
I don’t want to say it was an uneventful Thunder last night, because anytime you can go to the beach in December is definitely an event! But there were no keepers to be found this time around. However as I’ve mentioned before – I’ll take a windy, cool day at the beach over a day at work!


Thank you to all for reading our blog this year. We should have one more Thursday Thunder coming for you next Friday before 2013 comes rolling in. So until then…..


Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “All in all we’re just a….nother shell in the wall

  1. I found your blog yesterday thru the OBN. Welcome!! I’m a fellow Sanibel lover too. I usually go down once a year, but this year we couldn’t swing it financially, so I’m getting my Sanibel fix thru a variety of blogs. I’ve added yours to my list.
    PS….. Now I have Pink Floyds “Another Brick in the Wall” playing in my head. 🙂

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