Winter is coming

With the winter season fast approaching it means two things – colder water and earlier sunsets. The first I can deal with. The second is just flat out disappointing.

The Queen and I look forward to Thursday nights. Clock out, put the swimsuits on and head for the beach after work. Enjoy the beach a while, shell for a bit, watch the sunset. The next day is Friday. It helps us get in an early mood for the weekend and is a welcome addition to the week.

Thank you Daylight Savings Time for putting a dent in that.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I just bought a wet suit (and some stylin’ Guy Harvey shorts). I was hoping to try it out this past weekend, but Red Tide hit the area and put a damper on it. Luckily, Red Tide seems to have moved on, so I was gettin’ pretty excited about seeing how this new suit would hold up. I think I was more excited about getting into the water to test the suit than I was about finding some shells.

Blind Pass was pretty breezy and the surf was rolling quite nicely. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t clear at all. What was clear was that everyone else on the beach was chilly. Many were dressed in long sleeved shirts or jackets. I might go as far as to say a few were actually bundled up.

So, I jumped into the water and according to the Queen, all eyes were on me. Surely some were thinking I was a bit nuts for getting into the water. Well…I am, thank you.

The suit works. I didn’t even feel the cold, but for my head and hands really. It was COLD though. 70 degrees. Cold and murky. I stayed in for about 10-15 minutes or so, until it was clear that I wouldn’t be finding anything water due to the surf being churned up so much. But it gave me some satisfaction to know that I’d be warm this Winter – a time where every sheller knows that the shells will be in abundance.

We decided to head over to Gulfside City Park, but ended at Pine Cove Beach instead. As we started heading that direction, we could both tell that we’d only have a few short minutes before the sun went down – at 6:20pm. 😦

6:20pm? Come on Daylight Savings Time!

So we made it over there just in time to park, walk to the beach, dip our feet in and watch the sun go down. 10 minutes tops. Though, the water was a bit cooler and MUCH calmer there. Shells were scattered all over the sand, so PCB looks promising.

Our plan is to either hit Pine Cove Beach or Gulfside City Park on Sunday morning and see what we can find. A bit of a disappointing Thursday Thunder thanks to ol’ DST, but as I’ve mentioned before – even a bad day at the beach is better than any day at work.

Hope to see you at the beach this weekend!


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