Lead me to still waters

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”

Ahhh, nothing like the Caribbean. The Queen and I recently took a trip to the Eastern Caribbean and enjoyed a little island life in St. Maarten, St. Thomas (an American territory where they strangely drive on the wrong side of the road) and Grand Turk. A little R&R goes a long way when you move from one paradise spot to another. The warm, clear and turquoise water seem to melt away all sorts of stress, worry and anxiety.

Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas was quite possibly the most beautiful place we’ve been. Grand Cayman and Cozumel rank right up there near the top, but St. Thomas is certainly a place I could easily call home when retirement comes a’ callin’.

So let’s take a look at some of the shells we found on our journey through the Caribbean, shall we?

St. Maarten didn’t yield a great number of shells, but we did find these little beauties at the shore. The waves were coming in quite heavy, so it was hard to get situated and dig in. The Queen and I felt around with our feet and she’d say “Over here”. I’d dive down, feel with my hands and bring up handfuls of….mostly rocks. Ugh. BUT, we found a few treasures like these cones and that little guy up top there. Not quite sure, but I believe it’s a juvenile Flame Helmet shell.

As we walked along the shore at Magen’s Bay on our next stop in St. Thomas, we were surprised to see a lack of bigger shells in the inlet. However, what we did find made our mouths water. Coral was washing up in large numbers, so we snatched a few pieces. Hundreds upon hundreds of Tellins were along a tiny wrack line that ran the length of the beach. Notice the little black Antillean Nerite there on the left? Those little things were everywhere as well. That and an absolute TON of sea glass.

Are those not awesome to look at? On the right, we have tiny little False Limpets. In the middle, one of many Strawberry Cockles. On the left, a couple of Striped Tellin shells and of course, the Cones, Helmet and little Nerite.

We also said “hello” to these guys, who were everywhere.

We soon moved onto Grand Turk. The land of even more beautiful, crystal clear turquoise waters.

There, we did a little snorkeling together….and I did a little diving.

I think I went about 20+ feet deep to get that sucker, as well as a few of his harvested buddies who were buried in the sand down there. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to keep the empty conch shells to take home. But it was fun going down there and snatching them from the sand, none the less. I guess I’ll just have to remember it in my dreams. ::sigh::

See you again soon, my island friends.


7 thoughts on “Lead me to still waters

  1. Me & my Becky are doing good just missing Sanibel. She is trying to convince me to move down there for a year LOL

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