Weekend Highlights

Although shells are almost always in the forefront of everyone’s minds heading out to Sanibel Island, the wildlife there is something to be marveled. The egrets (like this guy pictured above), the sandpipers, gulls, falcons, ospreys and eagles are always a welcomed sight on the beach.

The morning weather was relatively cool both days this weekend. The wind was so gusty on Saturday that our trusty beach umbrella decided to break. Water temps were still a bit on the chilly side, but ok enough to hop in and see what treasures were to be found. Due to the wind and cooler temps outside, I decided for the most part to relax in our new beach chairs and just kind of take in the whole scene.

The water wasn’t particularly clear, so when I did decide to hit the water, I resorted mostly to raking the surf line in search of minis, with the occasional dip if I saw something that caught my eye.

The Queen and I also made our way North along the beach and we found several zig zag scallops. The zig zag has always been a Queen favorite, so these were quickly snatched up! As you can see, there were a lot. So many that the Queen suggested I title this blog post, “FLAT Tuesday (on Monday)”.

The Queen was successful in finding several very cool minis, which were both found in the surf and what shell piles she could find along the shore, like these colorful Scallops, Bubbles and the zebra-striped Turkey Wing. Not only that, but do you see the Orange Marginella?

She also found this fantastic Pink Scallop. It had a small barnacle on it, but she easily took care of that.

We rounded out the weekend with some nice Olives (which as I’ve mentioned before have always been one of my favorites) and a couple of shiny, pointy Lightning Whelks.

Hope to see you Thursday!


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