Hey…Junonia good places to find shells?

I do! Want me to tell you a little bit about it?

To start, all pictures taken for this edition of Thursday Thunder were taken by the Shell Queen herself. She has quite the eye!

I have to admit, I wasn’t optimistic about shelling last night. I was disappointed while getting into the car, knowing full well that the water was gonna be too cold. I didn’t have a wetsuit, so I wouldn’t be able to dive for shells. I didn’t check the water temperature before heading out to Blind Pass. There was no need, right? IT WAS GONNA BE TOO COLD. Even though the air temp was around 85.

The Shell Queen and I truly needed a beach night after the day we had. We found a nice spot at the jetty and settled in. There was no real big shell pile there. Surprising. I grabbed the rake, the Queen grabbed the bucket and we started our walk along the shore line. I scooped a few bunches of nothing but broken shells and suddenly….

Hey. This water isn’t cold.

I got in to my waist.


It was a shell gold mine. Many of the little Tulips I saw last Thursday were still there, although many had vacated their houses. Lots of Fighting Conchs and Olives and the sand under the water was littered with colorful calico scallops. I dove in a small area for almost two hours and filled up two mesh bags with little treasures…..and wouldn’t you know it? Your boy found this:

Another Junonia.
It was buried just slightly in the sand, with the unbroken part exposed. I truly thought I’d found another fully intact Junonia. I dug him out and after turning him over, found out it was broken a bit. I was a little bummed, but the Shell Queen said, “Who cares! Wouldja just look at it? Just look at it!”

I’m with her on that. The thing is amazing. That and the Alphabet Cone and Shark’s Eye:

Now take a look at that spotted brown thing in the middle. Anyone know what that is? It has a rough feel to it, kinda like shark skin. At first, I thought it may be a leopard shark embryo, but turns out they don’t really look exactly like that. So I’m stumped. I haven’t a clue, so if you know please let us know!

We are also enjoying meeting more and more people each time we go out. We met a nice Southern gentleman, Clay from Tennessee and had a nice conversation with him and his wife, who were in town on vacation. So if you see the Queen and me, feel free to come introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you.

See you this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Hey…Junonia good places to find shells?

  1. I found one of the spotted brown shells (?) on Captiva last week. I have had several seasoned shellers check it out and we are all stumped. If you figure it out please let me know! Thanks, Jenn

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