Thursday Thunder – Paw, is that you?

What a beautiful night it was last night at Blind Pass Captiva. Eighty-two degrees. The water was calm and cool. There was a nice, quiet breeze. A lone fisherman sat on a bucket near the breaker. Quietly, shellers stooped looking for that one special shell. And the Shell Queen sat atop the pile, overlooking them all.

Ok, sorry, I kinda lost myself there. Not trying to sound like Hemingway or anything. Back to reality.

Hey, doesn’t that picture of SQ look like it should go on the back of a semi-truck’s wheel flaps? Wonder if we have any truckers that read this blog? If so, email me. Let’s talk marketing!

Anyway, the shelling was good last night. We were a bit late for low tide, so there was pretty much a singular shell pile near the rocks, and SQ dug in.

I decided to get in the water and my snorkel mask promptly snapped. That’s ok. I just suctioned it to my face and went for a swim. You know, I gotta tell ya – if some of you knew what was in the water and got a good look, many of you probably wouldn’t go in the water anymore. But none the less, what’s in there is amazing and won’t try to bother you unless you bother them first. Just wish I had something at the time to take pictures and show you all.

There were literally droves of Murex and Tulip shells, all with little guys still in them. I started digging in the sand and pulling up rocks (you never know when one is really a Horse Conch), when one of the “rocks” decided to get up and walk away. It was one of the biggest crabs I’d seen and every bit as long as my arm. I believe he was a spider crab, although I’m not sure. But he’d been there a while because he was entirely covered with plant life.

And the shells? Wow. So many collectible shells out there, like this amazing Lace Murex:

And this Calico Scallop that looks like someone smeared grape jelly all over it.

SQ was busy doing her thing and found this AMAZING curly-tailed Lightning Whelk. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Not me.

I finished up my shelling and decided to let the Queen finish her dig and just sit on the beach and take in the scenery.

Don’t know why, but I decided to take a quick walk up the shore line. I spotted this beauty washing up onto the beach:

Yep, a LION’S PAW! And it’s in really good shape!

I’ll have to clean it up a bit, but look at how deep red in color it is. Certainly a prized find that will go well with the other prized shells we’ve been fortunate to find.

Another Thursday Thunder in the books, and one of the best of the year so far. 🙂


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