Whatchu Conch-in ‘Bout?

Blind Pass is a great place to relax, hang out, get some sun, meet new people and…receive gifts?

Yep. The Shell Queen got a little Christmas gift early in the form of this HUGE Horse Conch. Eddie and Taffy, a very nice couple from New Jersey whom we met at Blind Pass on Sunday, offered to give her the Horse Conch. Eddie had been out in the water, feeling around in the sand for shells. “I thought it was a rock”, he said before pulling it from the sand. Taffy, his wife kindly offered it to the Shell Queen, as she already had one at home and didn’t want to take it onto the plane.

Thank you Eddie and Taffy. You made the Shell Queen’s day!

SQ also found this very cool Flat Scallop. It just happened to be laying in the sand and the Queen scooped it up. Lucky lady!

We started off both weekend days cloudy. The water at BP was quite a bit murky, and it’s starting to get cooler. But by 10:30am, the sun was out, the water clearer and the shells jumping out to be collected.

I had to be careful where I decided to get into the water. We found quite a few jelly fish, and this weekend many were definitely the stinging kind, like this Moon Jelly (which do not normally sting people, but can). Box Jellies were all over the place, and I almost swam into one, had the Queen not warned me a moment prior.

But the shelling was great and the tiny collectible shells were everywhere, including this odd-colored Pear Whelk.

As you can see above, the Bubbles, Buttons, Tops, Limpets, Cones, Wentletraps and Drills were everywhere….and check out this Fig shell! Very delicate, and for the most part, intact.

But I’d have to say besides the Shell Queen’s Horse Conch, this one stood out to me as the prize of the weekend:

Yes, that IS an Albino Fighting Conch (you can tell it’s an albino because the shell is still shiny, rather than sun-bleached). They’re not super rare, but they’re not abundant either. So finding one caused me to stop snorkeling, come out of the water and take the time to admire it. What a cool shell.

It’s a white out!

Hope to see you Thursday for some THUNDER!


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