Thursday Thunder – Fabulous Finds

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. – Robert Henri

There really is nothing like hitting the beach in the evening during a busy work week. Henri was right. After our brains have been preoccupied with thoughts of “work work work!” all week, the ocean certainly makes the Shell Queen and me think things we like to think.

That is, until the “no-see-ums” start biting. Those little critters appeared to be everywhere last night at BP. Fortunately for me, I was in the water most of the time. The Shell Queen however, was not and subjected to little bites the entire time we were there. But after looking through the pretty decent haul of shell keepers when we got home, I think I could speak for her and say it was worth it.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Wow, was the water warm. I put on my snorkel and jumped in, only to find visibility at zero. Literally. Zero. There wasn’t much of a surf pushing a shell carpet in, nor was there much of a wrack line shell pile, so I was a bit disappointed. At that point, I figured Thursday Thunder would be just simply sitting on the beach with the Queen and watching the sunset – which to me, is just as good as finding a junonia. But we aren’t ones to give up that easily. Oh no.

So I grabbed the rake, the Queen grabbed the bucket and we sat down to give it a shot. And lo and behold, the sea sprang forth with bountiful treasures. There’s another tip from your Uncle Shell King – never take it at face value. The water hides little secrets. You just have to get into it to find em. After a half hour or so, the tide started pushing shells in, and we found some really good ones.

Due to the number of nutmegs we were pulling in, the Queen commented that Thursday Thunder tonight was the “Night of the Nutmeg”. As you can see, we pulled in quite a few. Some great pieces of coral as well.

We found some GREAT Florida cones and a juicy Alphabet cone that just rolled up to me at my feet.

A handful of Jasper cones washed into the rake asking if they could go home with us. The Shell Queen told them, “yes”.

We continued with our colorful Calico Scallop search and walked away tonight with a few really vividly colored pieces.

These three mini Horse conchs didn’t want to be left out of the party, so they hitched a ride with the Jasper brothers. The Shell Queen always lets out a squeal when I dump the rake out next to her and these show up. It’s cute.

But I think these below are some of the coolest we’ve found. They may not be super rare (other than the junonia piece the Queen dug out from the pile) but look at the color on that Chestnut turban and the piece of sea glass in the front. I’m still trying to identify the shell on the top right. Looks like a Cinnamon roll, doesn’t it?

Another Thursday Thunder in the books, and I’d say we came home with some “Fabulous Finds” (thanks to the Shell Queen for the new, less manly-sounding title for tonight’s blog).


See you at the beach!


One thought on “Thursday Thunder – Fabulous Finds

  1. Please tell me where the sea will give me some treasures too..we r getting married next year ..probably on smathers beach..but shelling is a must. ..the ones u showed in the pics ..we’re they from Fort Zach..I will just bring a little rake..I’m so excited ..u got such a good hsul..I hope I will b lucky too..ty 💚. .

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